Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

Interview of the men in The Light-Bearer Series

377303_4040958076419_1469625629_n (2)This is Emily Guido reporting to you live from the “Castle Charmeine” in Romania.

I have been waiting for the interview for several days now. 

I didn’t know what to expect but when these gentlemen came in… I am (swallow) pleasantly surprised to say the least… (swoon)…

Gentlemen,Good Evening!

ALL: Good Evening.


Emily:  Let me start out with a general question just to break the ice.  Do all four of you live at the ‘Castle Charmeine’?

ALL:  Yes.


Dover-CastleEmily:  Now, who originally owned this enormous and ancient castle?

Tabbruis (in a slight European accent):  I think Dmitri should answer that one.

Dmitri (in a very thick Romanian accent): Oh my… Well, you see my dear; I came to Romania a long time ago, over 5000 years ago, as a matter of fact. 


I had many experiences here and some of the local townfolk used to make up a scary bedtime story about me… the “Red Dragon” is what they called me. 

But then Tabbruis came, and we began to share the castle.


6a00d83451f4a069e2014e89ddd499970d-800wiEmily:  Excuse me?  (wide open eyes) What do you mean by “Red Dragon”?

Dmitri:  Oh my… Well, my dear, Emily that is “Dracul” to you and I.


Emily:  Uh….Dracula?

Dmitri:  Well, my love, if you want to think it is me. Oh my…that is fine for me.

(Smiling at Emily with his bright white teeth and long eye-teeth)


Slide1-1Emily:  Oh!  Well that’s okay… (a little scared… turning to Tabbruis now…)  

Tabbruis please tell me about yourself?  

(Still looking out of the corner of my eye at Dmitri who is smiling at me like a cat watching a canary)

Tabbruis:  I… well I am just a happy man now that I have Charmeine. 

She is my love, my wife, and she literally lights up my life. 

Before I met my soul mate, I was incomplete…  I do not know how to explain it…

Thomas:  He was all alone.  Tabbruis accepted it, but he was not happy?

Tabbruis:  Yes, quite right.  I never thought I would ever be mated to a woman.  However, now that I have my soul mate, Charmeine, she is my universe.


EdSpeleers3Emily:  Well Thomas since you spoke up?  How are you today?

Thomas:  Yes, well… I am fine.  We are very busy at the castle expanding and renovating. 

There is a lot of family to accommodate, and we are constructing new rooms right now.

NealNeal (In a gruff African accent):  My lover and Husband, Hameal, and I are constructing new additions to the Castle Charmeine. Hameal is skillfully assisting me.  

However, you three are trying to get me killed or at the very least permanently injured!

Tabbruis: I am sorry Neal. I became distracted… Charmeine was just so beautiful in her dress, that I could not concentrate.

Neal:  That is no excuse for not paying attention; it was a power nail gun!


Emily (snickering):  So I take it there was a mishap with a tool in the renovations?

mDmitri:  Oh my…

Yes well…

Tabbruis did not look where he was going…

Consequently he shot a nail, and it landed in my good friend and protector, Neal…

Thomas (laughing out loud):  He shot him in the butt!

Dmitri:  Oh my… yes but… (excuse the pun) everything is fine. 

We, Blood-Hunters, heal very fast my dear Emily.

Tabbruis:  Thank God for that!


Emily:  So… on another subject… gentlemen, um tell me you are all so incredibly gorgeous, are all Blood-Hunters like you?

Dmitri:  Oh my… well, I believe we are all classically handsome…

(giving a wink to Emily… *she swoons*)

 An image from the Dolce & Gabbana watch campaignTabbruis:  Dmitri… I think she means that we are some sort of eye-candy for the ladies.

 Dmitri:  Oh my… I wonder what kind of candy I am?

(looking at Emily with his eyebrow raised)

 Thomas (little squeak):  I am… well yes ma’am… we are all… UGH!

 Neal:  Yes!  I believe all Blood-Hunters are pretty good looking, but my love, Hameal is incredibly gorgeous!

 Tabbruis:  Neal means that Blood-Hunters, in general, are good looking… (Rolling his eyes)


Emily:  I’m getting something of an undercurrent to this question?  Is there?

Dmitri:  Oh my… see my love, Emily, we are all good-looking to the ladies.  Yes, very much so. 

Thomas:  But we did not ask to be so good-looking… I guess it comes just natural?


 The MEN of the Castle Charmeine  

            Dmitri           Thomas             Tabbruis           Neal

Emily: (fanning myself with my notebook):   You all…  I mean are all Blood-Hunters good-looking?

Tabbruis:  Well women seem to be naturally attracted to us.


Emily (gets a drink of water… starting to get dizzy looking at these wowser men):  How could women not be attracted?

Neal (gruffly):  Do not look!

Thomas:  She is a human woman.  She cannot help but be attracted.  Neal, just because you are not attracted to her does not mean she cannot look.

Neal:  Well, I am certainly no woman’s eye candy!

Dmitri:  Oh my… (as he purrs to Emily)


Emily (trying to avoid Dmitri but loving every minute):  Have you had women falling over you before?

Tabbruis:  Many times… but I waited 8000 years for Charmeine, my love!

Thomas:  I… I am taking the fifth on that!

Dmitri:  Oh my!

Neal:  Never… Thank God!


12756856294JmmmlEmily (pulling my hair up and taking a big gulp of water):  Tabbruis, can you tell me your favorite past time at the Castle Charmeine?

Tabbruis: That is easy, spoiling my love, Charmeine.  We have two horses, Tristan and Isolde, which we ride and go down to our private beach.  (Tabbruis smiled in revelry)


sexy-couple-on-beach-sideEmily:  Private beach?

Dmitri:  The Castle Charmeine has a beach flanking its property on one side, so we ride out there every chance we get.

Neal:  Yes, Tabbruis and Charmeine are out there quite a lot.

Tabbruis:  I will have to admit that Charmeine and I love the beach.  I just want her to happy.  I love Charmeine so much…

Thomas, Dmitri and Neal:  We know!!!

Emily:  Well, on that thought, (wetting my lips down and fanning myself) I will end this lovely interview. 

It certainly has been fun interviewing the “MEN FROM CASTLE CHARMEINE!”




7 responses

  1. fuonlyknew

    Oh Emily. I had so much fun. These hot, yummy men of Castle Charmeine had me laughing and lusting. I loved the last part – “We know!!” Tabbruis is so goners for Charmeine!
    Will reblog this later today!
    Much love to you:)

    July 3, 2013 at 4:34 pm

  2. I love this! Now just imagine the fireworks if Emily interviews Ms. B (the femme-fatale of “Seditious”) :twisted:

    July 3, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    • fuonlyknew

      Fireworks is putting it mildly! I don’t think I could sit across from her without leaning over and doing something nasty to her! What a big B! Would definitely not be a boring interview!
      Sweet Emily would handle it well though:)

      July 3, 2013 at 5:14 pm

      • Oh Lord have mercy… If I were to interview Bathsheba… her mouth would be plugged up with a huge cork messing up her ruby red lipstick and fangs… and then… I WOULD HAVE FUN!!!! Bwahahahaha

        July 3, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    • Oh Lord have mercy… If I were to interview Bathsheba… her mouth would be plugged up with a huge cork messing up her ruby red lipstick and fangs… and then… I WOULD HAVE FUN!!!! Bwahahahaha

      July 3, 2013 at 5:27 pm

      • Of course, you noticed how the “interviewer” chastised Damien for interrupting during the Interview With Jack Wendell>;)

        July 4, 2013 at 4:19 am

  3. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™.

    July 3, 2013 at 7:14 pm


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