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Love conquers all… GIVEAWAY and excerpt from “MACTUS” the 2nd book of “THE LIGHT-BEARER SERIES”

GIVEAWAY LINK – of “Charmeine” and “Mactus”

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couple-talking_300Tabbruis and Charmeine sat on the big couch overlooking the moonlit ocean through a big picture window.  The window was screened, and she opened it to get the night breeze.  While she ate and he drank his dinner, they talked quietly.

She asked him more about the history he experienced.  He answered her questions because he knew she loved it.  But when she asked, “Tabbruis, since you have lived so long, have societal civil rights actions and democratic nations shaped the Elder Council’s opinion at all?”

He was taken aback at her question and replied, “For all, this one issue is interesting and important.  The human race has evolved with elements of justice in almost every society on Earth.  However, Blood-Hunters and Light-Bearers have a history of descent which has never changed.  There is but one hope… a Prophecy!  I know Dmitri believes the Prophecy will unite us all and bring justice to our species.  Nevertheless, it is like a pipedream.  We will survive Charmeine, I am determined God will guide us through all of this.”

Mactus Jpeg

“Yes and our love will see us through, Tabbruis.  Never forget, our love,” she said softly.

Both hung their heads.  They seemed to know the day of rest and fun was over.

Charmeine softly said as she got up, “I’m going to clean up the dishes and go to bed.  You can stay up as much as you want.”

Tabbruis stood, gave her a small kiss and said, “I will clean up and join you in a minute.”

She shook her head smiling and replied, “Thanks, but a minute?  Damn that superhuman speed of yours.”  Charmeine went to the bedroom and opened up the window letting in the night sea breeze come in.  She sat on the window seal and thought about the Elder Council and the war between the Blood-Hunters and Light-Bearers.  She prayed quietly, “God, I love my family.  Could you help me find a way to save them?”

As he was clearing, Tabbruis overheard her, and his heart sank.  The same prayer was in his heart.  However, it was their wedding night.  He wanted to be with his bride.  He pushed his fears of the future away and walked into the bedroom.

Charmeine smiled and came to him.

He hugged and kissed her softly.

She said, “Tabbruis I love you.”

Hugging her he said, “I love you too.”

beautiful-couple-dark-follow-foolme-kiss-Favim_com-254908She held his hands, and they saw the curling ribbons of light dance around them.  She said, “I married you today, and you are mine.”

Tabbruis smiled and asked, “For better or for worse?”

She answered, “My love, everything doesn’t have to have a light and dark side.  I believe our love is all light.”

Tabbruis said, “I am worried…”

“Shh, I’m not, because we love one another,” she said.  With nothing but passion in her eyes, she untied her robe and let it fall to the floor.  She ran her hands over his bare chest looking up into his eyes.

Looking into her eyes, Tabbruis took off his robe.  Gently, he picked up his wife, put her on the bed and laid beside her.

With total peace and contentment, Charmeine whispered, “Make love to me Husband.”

Tabbruis kissed her.

Like an explosion went off in their blood, Tabbruis and Charmeine reached for each other in urgent need.  It was passion, desire and want all rolled into one.

Breathlessly, Tabbruis kissed Charmeine up and down her neck.

She held him closer to her body.

Favim_com-22034Tabbruis answered her urgent need with his own want and came down upon her.  He was so lost in his love and desire for her, he forgot about his Blood-Hunter side.  He was not a Blood-Hunter who only lived for blood; he was a man, a husband who wanted his wife.  He was just man who desired his mate…his light…his breath…and his joy.

Charmeine forgot about the fears of being a Light-Bearer and keeping her family safe.  She wanted her husband in a very basic need of longing and yearning.

Tabbruis and Charmeine were now joining their souls together with no hesitations or doubts.  As their passion rose to a fever pitch, he looked in her eyes whispered, “Semper tuus ero.”

Breathlessly she willed out of her lungs, “Semper tua ero.”

The detonation had begun.  Tabbruis and Charmeine shattered their fears as they crashed together.  Both of them were lost in the maximum tension of the moment and cried out in ecstasy and rapture.  In one sweet moment, their connection was permanent.

Charmeine and Tabbruis belonged together and their love would be everlasting!


This is the great and one and only… NAT KING COLE singing… “The Very Thought of You”

So awesome and lovely, I just want to sigh.

Tabbruis and Charmeine…

ever longing…. ever seeking…. and finally….


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