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My review of

“Vampire Syndrome”

by Daven Anderson

55-89-thickboxJack Wendell is a person with Down’s Syndrome and a Gold Medal Special Olympics runner!  He is bit one night by a rabid vampire and the adventure begins there. 

Jack finds there is a world that he never knew about but in books and that wasn’t even right.  There are vampires who are human and then there are vampires who are alien called, “Pures.” 

Now, the human vampires have a rule that any vampire which is mentally handicapped is put to death. 

So, needless to say, Jack is on the run for his life from a merciless venerator, (vampire law-keeper) Damien. 

What makes it more confusing for Jack is that Damien’s wife, Lilith, is the Vampire President! 

She wants to save Jack but Damien wants Jack DEAD! 


Now, Lilith is not all warm and loving… no way!  She is just as twisted and ruthless as her husband, Damien.  They have a small love and big hate relationship.  Damien and Lilith are constantly one-upping each other.  Damien with his mistress and Lilith with her covertly hiding Jack.  The power-play between these unsavory characters was vicious.

Damien can’t get Jack so he calls in the “Big Guns” from Romania to catch him called Zetania!  She is an accomplished venerator and very skilled to bring Jack in.

However, what Damien doesn’t know is that she is working on the slide for Lilith…  How can Jack survive?  Will he be able to change the world of human vampires?  Will he make them accept him the way he is?

59-111-thickbox1My thoughts

“Vampire Syndrome” by Daven Anderson is a ground-breaking and unbelievable vampire story. 

I was taken aback at how he was able to actually capture Jack’s thought process so clearly.  I have a brother who is mentally handicapped and the words and actions were so similar… it was like my brother was talking.  I also thought Jack was the only hero of the book.  The vampires were so twisted on either side and Jack was the only light to make both sides come together. 

I was amazed by some of the action sequences because they were so well detailed and drawn out.  Mr. Anderson’s writing is well-thought out and kept moving.  There was something on each page of my Kindle that made you want to hit the arrow button to the other page.  I was spellbound by “Vampire Syndrome.” 

The point of view was textbook and easy to read.  Mr. Anderson depicted word pictures that made my imagination fly.  The characters were three-dimensional and fluid.  Critically, I thought the book to be almost perfect.

Please be aware “Vampire Syndrome” has two versions one is YOUNG ADULT and one is EROTIC.

However, if you are a Paranormal Fan like me and want a pioneering, innovative and action packed vampire story, “Vampire Syndrome” is for you! 

For this and so much more, I give Daven Anderson’s “Vampire Syndrome” a hearty five star rating!


“Vampire Syndrome”


Vampire Killing Kit circa 1840

Can Special Oympics champion Jack Wendell survive, now that he’s been turned into a vampire?

All Jack wants is to be accepted as a valued member of the vampire community. But he can’t do this when Chief Venator (vampire law enforcer) Damien Tepesh has ordered Jack to be killed.

Fortunately, Jack wins the respect of a powerful ally. Lilith Morrigan, President of the Vampires, hides Jack from the ruthless Venators and gives him a chance to prove his worth. But she cannot stop her husband Damien from targeting Jack.

Damien summons Romania’s Chief Venator Zetania Vinescu to Colorado to help him hunt Jack.  Lilith over-rides her husband and orders Zetania to protect Jack from the Venators.

As Damien and Lilith battle over control of Jack, a new threat emerges. A space-alien Pure vampire has come to Colorado, specifically to kidnap Jack.  Even if Damien and Lilith settle their differences, can they keep Jack safe from the Pures?


Interview with Daven Anderson


The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

Please share about how in the world did you come up with the idea for “Vampire Syndrome”?

On June 13, 2009, I finished reading “Breaking Dawn.” I found the ending to be flat, and I thought, “I could write something better that that.” By the time I went to bed that night, I had the basic storyline and my four main characters (Jack, Damien, Lilith and Zetania) clearly defined in my mind.

“Vampire Syndrome” is so different from what I’ve ever read before.  What was the thought process behind it?  Did you have to do research into the condition of Down’s syndrome?

I have worked side-by-side with special-needs individuals (Down Syndrome, autistic, etc.) for over twenty years. The grocery industry makes notable efforts to employ special-needs individuals and use their skills to the best advantage for all concerned. Special-needs individuals are valuable members of our team, just like anyone else. When they work as a team with everyone else, it builds their self-esteem and gives them a sense a purpose in the world. That’s what we all want, really!

When you have worked with special-needs persons for as long as I have, I have done all the “research” I could ever need to do simply by observing them, interacting with them, and being friends with them.  As Yogi Berra said, “You can observe a lot just by watching.”

22472519_640I have a brother who is mentally handicapped.  I know from experience how my brother was treated.  I was always in defense of him and taking care of him… even though he was older.  Can you share some of your personal thought about Down’s syndrome and how our society lifts or lets down the handicapped?

I could write a non-fiction book or three simply from my experiences at work. One of our special-needs employees was featured in a local newspaper article for his outstanding customer service skills. Does it get any better than that? On the darker side, we once had to call the police to deal with a pack of youths who were bullying an autistic employee and physically preventing him from collecting our shopping carts. Not the best idea when the police station is one block away from our store! Over a dozen cop cars showed up.

The saddest thing is when you get that rare customer who is prejudiced against special-needs individuals. One obviously biased woman asked me to get another sacker to finish bagging her order. I refused to do so, and I told her “*** is doing his job correctly.” I refused to put up with her degrading treatment, because *** is not just my co-worker, he is my friend.

One of the most important points I make in my book is that cunning and quick wit do not equal wisdom. Damien and Lilith excel in cunning and quick-witted strategy, but many of their actions are not wise. In terms of their actions, Jack is the wisest character in my book. He is the only one who always does what he should be doing.

In our everyday lives, most all of us will know at least one “smart” person who makes bad choices. What my novel shows you is that wisdom is not defined by a person’s I.Q. score. The special-needs people I’ve worked with for twenty years are some of the wisest people I will ever know.

Film poster for The War of the Roses - Copyrig...

If someone else was describing “Vampire Syndrome” what would they say?

“It sure is original.” I think I’ve succeeded in crafting a novel where even its harshest critics will have to concede that it is at least an original concept, and that I wrote it the way I wanted to do it.

The feedback I’ve received has been much better than I thought. I was worried that some people would be turned off by the harsh nature of Damien and Lilith’s antagonistic marriage relationship, which is basically a vampire version of “War Of The Roses” or “Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.” Then I combined that with Jack, who is a vampire version of “Forrest Gump.” Not the most obvious combination, I admit, but it sure is original!

I love this question because you never know what you will come up with… what random fact about yourself that would surprise your fans and our readers?

I am a big fan of the TV series “Xena: Warrior Princess.”

Why are you drawn to be a great Author of Paranormal? Why Vampires especially?

Explaining thousands of years of worldwide vampire folklore in scientific and rational terms was the most enjoyable challenge I’ve had in my life. I ended up with two types of vampires, humans and the alien “Pures.” I couldn’t rationalize, in scientific terms, the human body changing enough to combust in sunlight, generate inner gravity to cling to walls and ceilings, or to suddenly become garlic-averse after years of eating garlic as a normal human. But when you have an alien race, all of these become easy to explain. If the Pures’ home planet had full cloud cover, they did not evolve with a tolerance for direct UV radiation from sunlight. No life form on Earth (that I know of) generates its own inner gravitational forces, but the Pures are aliens. And their home planet has no acidic plants such as onions or garlic, meaning the Pures did not evolve with a tolerance for same.

Some people will say the scariest thing about my novel is that all my explanations of this folklore make sense.

Who are your favorite authors and why?

Philip K. Dick. The closer we get to his visions of the future, the more we realize how right he was. By the time “Minority Report” came out as a movie, everyone in the audience knew those personalized advertising holograms will soon be possible.

William Shakespeare. The human conditions he expresses are timeless. 

If you could live during any period in time, when would it be and who would you be?

Right now. It’s an exciting time to be an author, living in the greatest period of literary change since the Gutenberg Press was invented.

working at home

Do you have a day job?  If so, how does your writing fit in?

My working closely for with special-needs people for over twenty years in the grocery business has allowed me to craft a uniquely realistic first-person point of view, seen through the eyes of a special-needs person. So far, every reader of Vampire Syndrome who has a special-needs family member or friend has agreed that Jack’s point of view is right on target.

And, working in the retail grocery business for that length of time will educate you about everything you would ever want to know about human nature, whether you wished to learn it or not.

Page_Marquee_Coming_AttractionsCan you can share with us about books you have written after “Vampire Syndrome”?

I’m working on “Vampire Conspiracy”, the second novel of the “Vampire Syndrome” trilogy. And “Sisters Of The Alpha Moon”, a novel about an all-female werewolf pack.

It will be quite a task to re-invent the werewolf universe in the same manner that I did for vampires in “Vampire Syndrome.” Including a more precise explanation for what silver bullets actually do to their kind.

Daven, THANK YOU being a guest on “FANGS and HEARTS” week!

I’m thrilled to be here. Thank YOU for this wonderful interview!


Daven Anderson Bio:

After forty-plus years of reading other people’s books, Daven Anderson was finally motivated to create his own. Daven’s close working relationships with special-needs individuals led him to create character Jack Wendell, the world’s first dignified, sympathetic special-needs vampire hero.

Daven’s love of black comedies led him to create characters Damien Tepesh and Lilith Morrigan. Selfish, battling, power-tripping spouses who are the perfect foils for Jack’s generous heart and his earnest truth.  Daven’s admiration of those who persevere against social prejudice led him to create Zetania Vinescu, Gypsy vampire and Jack’s protector.  Daven’s love of musclecars and the open road led to the vampires’ high-octane adventures all across the beautiful state of Colorado.

Last but not least, Daven’s extensive computers skills brought Vampire Syndrome to your e-reader!


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Snippet of  “Vampire Syndrome”

Goodbye Gruel World

Jack Wendell:

AndresVelencoso-1Is this the end of my life? Am I gonna die? The girl in the pink tank-top shoves me down to the ground and bares her fangs. This can’t be. Vampires are just in books and movies. And she’s wearing a big cross, too. Aren’t Vampires afraid of crosses?

I fight to slip free from her grip. She’s shrieking like a wounded animal as she tries to bite my neck. Just as I get my left arm free, she grabs it.

The girl twists my arm behind my back, leans down and bites my neck hard.Her fangs sink in. The pain sends shock waves through my upper body. I can feel her sucking blood out of my neck vein.


Three people run up to us, grab the girl and try to pull her off of me.

A tall guy wraps his arms around her torso and yells “Let him go!”

At last, the people manage to pull the screaming girl off me.

I push myself up from the pavement and run down Lowell Boulevard, to get back to my group home. And get as far as I can from that mad, biting lady.image11What the hell just happened? One moment, I was running practice laps on the Mullen High School track. Next thing I knew, some crazy lady with Vampire teeth jumped on me and bit my neck.


I look back. No one’s after me. Good. I slow down from my running and start to walk.Her teeth were probably fake, but they were sharp enough to pierce my skin.

I reach up to my neck and feel the bite area.Just a few drops of blood are on my fingertips. That’s odd. I should be bleeding a lot more, ’cause she sunk her teeth in deep. I’ve had paper cuts that bled a lot more than this, and they hardly hurt at all.

My neck is still sore.unholy_embrace_ NessateethCould she have been a real Vampire? I don’t think so. I look west toward the mountains.

The sun hasn’t even gone down yet. Vampires can’t go out in sunlight, or they’d burn up.Sirens, in the distance. I bet they’re cops going to arrest that crazy lady.


She needs to go to jail. Jumping on people and biting them is an assault charge, like I saw on Cops.

She might kick the policemen and bite them, too, like the long-haired shirtless guy did in that trailer park episode.

I’m walking uphill on Lowell Boulevard. Feels like I’m in slow motion. Oxford Street can’t be more than two blocks away, but it’s taking forever for me to get there.

My head feels like it’s floating in space. But I’m not dizzy, like I was the first time I got off a roller coaster. I was seven years old. I could barely stand up after I rode Mister Twister. Right now, I’m walking just fine. It just seems like time’s standing still.




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  5. Hello, Emily, I love the interview you did for the “Vampire Syndrome” by Daven Anderson. So happy you are back. TY for being there my friend. And your great Pay It Forward policy. You are so generous. The more I read stories about Vampires, the more I really think it’s not such a bad idea to want to be one. The only problem I have is to survive a healthy existence after the transition you need to drink blood.Now I must say the taste of blood is sweet. Poke my fingers, in case you’re wondering how I know. I just wouldn’t want to have the urge to kill people. So if I made the transition I would seek an alternative, as they did in True Blood.

    I was discussing with Shawn last night about the Vampire rules. It seems to change as different authors write about them. Her response,”That’s only in Twilight.” I think the vampire writers should create a code and the rules. What happens. Crosses. Holy Water. Sunlight. Stakes.

    Of all super-natural beings, besides Spirits, I would vote for Vampires. And ABSOLUTELY NO Zombies. Zombies give me the creeps.

    It really is great you are doing better.

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