Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

The truth comes out . . . “CHARMEINE” first book in “The Light-Bearer Series”

tumblr_m3ekvqRb6N1ql3cv0o1_500Tabbruis made fists with his hands, slammed them on his knees and gazed into her bright brown eyes. “Elders or Blood-Hunters live on blood, like you eat food to live. After a time of total depraved treatment of humans showering carnage everywhere I went, I changed. I had a reckoning of my evil side. I swore never to drink human blood again unless it was donated. I mostly survive now on wild game. I try to stay away from heavily populated areas, so I can hunt.”

He looked up to the ceiling struggling with the words to say next, “How can I convince you this is real? Heaven help me, Miss Davis. I do not know what I have done to deserve such a scourge on my soul. I have no memory before my eyes opened on that rock.”

Charleen knew he was truthful. She lifted his head so he would look into her eyes, and put her hands on his shoulders.

He was shocked but welcomed her calming and warm touch.

She did not have any fear and boldly asked him, “Do you want my blood now?”

Tabbruis’ deep green eyes bore into hers and declared, “I would never hurt you! Please know that!” Inside his heart was racing at the thought of tasting her blood, but he was going to protect and never hurt her.

“I know you are truthful,” and whispered, “I also believe you would never hurt me.”

GlowingHands-303x218He looked at her intently and his heart warmed. Tabbruis reached out to her hand and could actually feel the heat from her hands. The woman in front of him was giving out warming power which only a Light-Bearer could give.

“Miss Davis, I said you were not my type, because you were not a Blood-Hunter. Who am I to blame you if you doubt what I am saying to you is real? You are so innocent. I did not want you to know there was such evil as myself in the world. This curse is my secret shame. But now, I do not know what to do with all this.” Tabbruis hung his head again.

She lifted his chin. “Why? What can you do? What is there to do?” Even though her head ached, she got up and walked out on the terrace.

Tabbruis just put his head in his hands with his elbows on his knees. He had told her the truth and thought, What will she do? Will she run? Will she leave me? His heart started to ache. When he saw her in the parking lot, his heart came alive. Now, it seemed his heart was breaking.

Charleen was confused, but she knew he was telling her the truth. She let the wind whip her hair around her head, and it cleared her mind. She was processing the last few minutes looking at the New York Harbor. She felt a stab in her heart at the thought of ever leaving him. Then she said in soft murmur, “I’m scared.”


Tabbruis’ sensitive ears heard her. He raced out to the terrace and stood in front of her. “I promise, Miss Davis. I will never hurt you. You are safe. I am determined to protect you. Please do not be scared.”

Nevertheless, as much as Tabbruis hated to, he pulled away from her. It felt like he was walking in quicksand over to the patio door struggling not to turn around and hold her again. Her brightness intoxicated him. Her kindness warmed him. Her smile electrified him. Her touch . . . her touch aroused him.


Just thinking of Tab and Char discovering their new love.

However, before that, they were

“Outside the Rain”

Love this song… and love Stevie Nicks

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