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Honeymoon with love and danger… snippet from “MACTUS” the 2nd book from “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

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imagesCAGVBEFZHer hand was sending him her usual white light. “This is just Heaven. I wish I could stay with you like this, just on this little beach until the end of time.”

Tabbruis laughed, “I would like nothing better, but I would make one correction.”

“Oh yeah? This beach is about as perfect as they come and the cabanas are like apartments.”

Tabbruis turned on his side, felt the material of her swim suit and answered in a sultry low voice, “This should be outlawed.”

“I take it you have a problem with my wardrobe?”

“Actually, when I saw you walk out of the cabana, I was jealous of how it twisted around your body. . . ”  Then, he made sexy sigh, “You see . . . that is what I would like to do.”

Fire burned in her cheeks as they turned a deep red, and she began to breathe harder. “This is a beach,” and began to look around.

With a look of unrestrained desire, “My love . . . it is a private beach.” His hand started to caress her shoulder and neck.

Fountains_of_Wayne-Fountains_of_Wayne_(album_cover)“Oh really?” She smiled and said teasingly, “Well, the only thing missing from this wonderful beach is music. I don’t suppose you have any Blink-182, Fountains of Wayne, or Lady GaGa to listen to?”

Tabbruis shook his head while chuckling, “You may think that is music but . . . NO!” 

“So Tabbruis, I see it all now. Not married a day and already putting down my peeps,” she teasingly smirked.

“I do have some music. I can let you listen to it while we eat.”

With a questioning look, she whispered “Intriguing.”

They walked into the Cabana and put on robes.

He opened Champagne. As they were enjoying a glass, he turned on the stereo system, put down their glasses and reached for her hand. Her sparks were flying up his arm.

She's got a wayShe’s Got a Way” by Billy Joel started to play.

Tabbruis held Charmeine close while he drew her in his big arms and began to dance her around the room.

She blushed all over her body.

He whispered in her ear, “While I listened to this song, I decided to go to the concert where we met. This is the song was performed when we were on the ground looking up at the stars recovering from the attack. This song is about you, Charmeine. You have a way of making me feel happy for the first time in my life.”

She was speechless and started to well in tears.

Tabbruis held her tightly as they danced. They swayed back and forth to the music.

Charmeine and Tabbruis 1When the song was done, she looked up at him. “Let’s lay in the sun some more. Night will be upon us soon, and I want to soak up the day.”

Tabbruis nodded, “Of course.”

She kissed him, turned to go out to the beach. “See you out there,” and left.

Keeping his eyes peeled on her as she went to the blanket to layout, he said, “How right you are, Charmeine. How right you are. Darkness and danger will be all around us . . . very soon.”


NO ONE knows this . . .

When I got the idea of this story,

I was listening to this song.

I always loved Billy Joel.

Matter of fact, this song is not my favorite of his, but this song described Charmeine to a tee in her love, honesty, devotion and complete fierceness to protect her family. 

So folks, “The Light-Bearer Series” and Charmeine and Tabbruis

came to life in my head with this song . . .


Lots of love and peace, Emily

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