Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

The Prophecy . . . an excerpt from “MACTUS” from the 2nd book of “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

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Charmeine’s arms extended and her feet came off the ground. She looked like a large electric butterfly.

Everyone gasped with astonishment.

She flew over them going to one end of the terrace and back about twenty feet off the ground. Her butterfly arms lit up with a bright white light. In a big booming voice from Heaven she exclaimed, “I am God’s Holy Instrument, a Light-Bearer! I am on Earth to fight for justice and send Lucifer’s children to Hell! No shadows will ever block the Son!” 

A crackle of thunder boomed, making each person jump.

Charmeine made lightning come down from the sky surrounding the terrace, like an electrical jail. The smell of electric current blew through the air. She started to float down slowly.

With a flash of lightning, Charmeine and Sandra became normal. They looked at each other stunned. Then, they hugged while laughing.

The men stood in awe.

DmitriDmitri’s eyes were wide with excitement, and he shouted with great joy, “Thank God! The Prophecy is fulfilled! I see it all now! The Prophecy of God . . . is upon Charmeine!” 

Everyone looked at Dmitri in puzzlement.

However, Tabbruis was not looking at Dmitri. His heart was racing, and he gazed at Charmeine with fear and anxiety.

Dmitri cried out, “The Prophecy says the Queen of Light will sit on the throne, the King of Night will fight as her Champion, and their family will rule the Elders with truth, wisdom and justice!”

tumblr_m5vv7z80Mv1qg9gt6o1_250“No! Dmitri! It cannot be . . . She cannot not the Queen of Light!” 

“Tabbruis, God’s will be done, not yours.” Dmitri bowed in front of Charmeine.

It seemed the air was knocked out of Tabbruis’ lungs, and he tried to control the absolute dread in his heart. He thought, The Prophecy is to be carried out by my family? Charmeine is supposed to fight Evil? His head was spinning. For in his heart, he knew what Dmitri said was true. He was overwhelmed with fear and dread. Charmeine is the Queen of Light, and I am the King of Darkness and Night, he thought, It cannot be.

Dmitri held up his hands and yelled, “Praise Be to God! Finally the Elder Council will be destroyed!” All of sudden, his face went black with foreboding, and he said, “Oh my children, the Prophecy says there will be great suffering, and a battle which will be tragic and bloody.” He turned slowly and went up the stairs leading to the Ball Room.

Everyone was baffled and tried to process the last few minutes.

However, Tabbruis felt like his shoulders had a thousand pound weight on them. His wife was the Queen of Light. His charge was to Champion and support her.    

Then Dmitri turned around and said in a commanding voice, “Practice to do battle with the Elder Council begins tonight on the lawn at sunset. I suggest everyone rest,” looking at Charmeine and Sandra, “you will need it.”


Always remember you are never alone.

Whatever religion you are or what your situation is . . .

I believe there are Gaurdians there with you.

Angels or Spirits or whatever

Love this song, and I think of Charmeine’s Battle cry when I hear it!

Lots of love and peace, Emily

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