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Calm before the storm . . . SEDITIOUS is coming soon

In the beginning of the 4th book, SEDITIOUS, you will read Charmeine and Tabbruis were settling down together. I love Charmeine’s bad jokes, it cracks me up. She knows Tabbruis is so serious. Making him laugh with silly jokes brings her joy.


33 David Gandy picture 1Later in the night, after another bout of nausea, Charmeine came out of the bathroom. “I think we are going to have to buy a truckload of toothpaste,” she joked.

“Gel or paste?” Tabbruis inquired as he laid in the bed

“Paste, always paste,” she chuckled, as she took off her robe and slid under the covers.

“That might be a deal-breaker.” His eyes followed her. “You must be the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“I already won the argument, remember? Or do you need reminding again?”

pregnant%20-%20nightgown%20-%20squareHe laughed. “Charmeine, rest is what I need, and you do too.” He held out his arm and patted his chest.

She snuggled next to him, laid her head on his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat.

He wrapped his arms securely around her.

“What did the pregnant Light-Bearer ask the Blood-Hunter?” she asked with a yawn.

“What?” His eyes half closed ready to doze off.

“Do you have storm insurance?”

Tabbruis’ eyes flew open, and he burst out laughing. “I cannot believe it. That joke is really awful and incredibly bad, Charmeine.”

“Ah, but you’re laughing, aren’t you?” She laid her head back down on his chest with a chuckle.

“I laugh always with you, Charmeine, my lovable, crazy, and precious wife.”

“What would you do without my bad jokes?”

“Sleep,” he answered with a sigh and laugh.

She rolled her eyes and snuggled onto his chest. His laugh was a great comfort to her.

Suddenly, Tabbruis felt Baby Hunter move against his side. “Charmeine, did you feel that?”

babytalk_head“Yes, little Baby Hunter here is very active and likes to hear you laugh. Every time you do, the baby kicks.”

“I do not believe that, Charmeine.” However, he smiled at the thought it was possible.

“Why wouldn’t Baby Hunter flip when you laugh? I do. I always have since the first day we met.”

He kissed her forehead. “Alright, my love, you can tell me bad jokes anytime. They seem the best for making me laugh.”

“Good, because that’s all I know,” she sighed with a smile.

He held her closer and put his hand on her belly to feel Baby Hunter move. He reached out with his Blood-Hunter senses, heard both her heartbeat and the baby’s, and beamed.

“Semper tuus ero, Charmeine.”

She whispered, “Semper tua ero, Tabbruis.”

(I am forever yours.)


080 (2)This is the song that I think of when I read this passage.

I also love Phil Collins too!


Lots of love, Emily


Solace on 9/11 . . .

I woke up this morning with a sigh.

I wanted to shut my eyes and not remember the horrible pictures of death and destruction which had happened.  

I went to the coffee maker and made a cup of strong coffee.  As the day of the attack, I was at work and doing the same thing, trying to wake up.

I hung my head and a shed tear.

I thought about this passage in my novels, and it gave me solace and comfort.  

Let me say, I ‘m not a spiritual person.  I don’t think I have a Godly bone in my body. However, I know there’s a Higher Power and that helps me.

We may not know why this horrible thing happened on 9/11 . . . but to accept the good and evil.  

I thank God or the Higher Power for the great and good gifts given me everyday. That is reason I am comforted.  

I hope this brings some small bit of peace.

Lots of love, Emily


“Better now?” Lord Cromwell patted Charmeine’s back.

She nodded.

He took the glass and put it on the coffee table.

Charmeine was in awe he was kind to her. “Uriel was good, and Cromwell, you are . . . evil.”

“That is where your black and white philosophy of the world fail you, Angel. What makes you think that my works have NOT created a higher consciousness in humanity?”

He moved the glass to the other side of the coffee table and sat directly in front of Charmeine looking her in the eyes. “Do humans not band together in times of need and strife? Does humanity not rise to overcome death and destruction? You do not realize the darkest times have brought God’s light and love to the forefront. God knows this. You said earlier, God knows everything, and I know He does, absolutely. But there is always free will.”

“Cromwell, you have caused so much death, destruction, pain and heartache . . .”

9-11 Tribute In Light Memorial“Yes Angel, but I am part of His design. How can you be so black and white in your thinking when you have witnessed one of the most hideous and insidious acts portrayed on humanity in millennia on 9/11?”

“You?” she asked with terror in her eyes.

“No! NEVER!” he vehemently replied. He looked hurt as he gazed into her eyes. He shook his head in disgust. “That act was senseless and horrible. Humanity all over the Earth came together and screamed to God in a shout of alarm. God heard their prayers, thoughts, fears and woes.”

He shook his head and ran his fingers back through his long blonde hair. “God is omnipotent, but there is a grand design which only God knows. No Angels, not even Archangels has knowledge of what God knows. We only know bits and pieces of God’s grand design. But you have to realize everything on Earth, Heaven and Hell are part of His design . . . even I have a purpose.”

“So, you didn’t?”

“No. Angel, that pointless deed was portrayed with free will,” he said as he gently touched her forearm.

Lord Cromwell touched her cheek and sighed at the feel of her skin under his fingers. “I have had a purpose all along. You, my Angel, only see the black in my assignment, but believe me, there are more shades of grey than you know in my mission. God knows all, and we may struggle to find the purpose, but we cannot.”



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