Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

“HOT MEN” Interview of the Castle Charmeine


For those of you who have read “Charmeine”, this interview is for you!

The others can just enjoy the thought of all these men living in a Castle in Romania!

I can see you contemplating booking your plane ticket now!

EG: I have been waiting for the interview for several days now. I didn’t know what to expect these gentlemen came in but I am pleasantly surprised to say the least… *swoon*…

EG: Gentlemen, Good Evening!

ALL: Good Evening.

EG: Let me start out with a general question just to break the ice. Do all four of you live at the Castle Charmeine?

ALL: Yes.

EG: Now, who originally owed Castle Charmeine?

Tabbruis: I think Dmitri should answer that one.

Dmitri (in a thick European Accent): Oh my… Well, you see my dear; I came to Romania a long time ago, millenia as a matter of fact. (Chuckling) I had many experiences there and some of the folks used to make up a scary bedtime story about me… the “Red Dragon” is what they called me. But then Tabbruis came and we began to share the Castle…

EG: Excuse me, but what do you mean by “Red Dragon”?

Dmitri: Oh my… Well my dear that is “Dracul” to you and I.

EG: (swollows and speaks with a trembling voice) Dracula?

Dmitri: Well my love, if you want think that, it is fine with me… (and smiled with bright white teeth and long eye-teeth)

EG: No, that’s okay… (turning to Tabbruis looking back over her shoulder), Tabbruis why don’t you tell me about yourself?

Tabbruis: I… well I am just a happy man now that I have Charmeine. She lights up my life. Before I was…

Thomas (blurts out): He was alone but not totally happy? Right Tabbruis?

Tabbruis: Yes, quite right, not totally happy.

EG: Well Thomas since you spoke up, how are you today?

Thomas: Ma’am? Yes, well… (slowing blushing) I’m fine. We are very busy at the Castle Charmeine. There are a lot of people there. So we are constructing new rooms right now.

Neal (In a gruff voice): I am constructing the new rooms! You three are trying not to get killed!

Tabbruis: Neal! That was Charmeine’s fault… she distracted me. I apologized a thousand….

Neal (yelling): That is no excuse for not paying attention, it was a power nail gun!

EG: (Snickering) So… I take it there was a mishap with a tool in the renovations?

Dmitri: Oh my… yes well, Tabbruis did not look where he was going and a nail shot Neal in the lower backside.

Thomas (laughing out loud): Tabbruis shot Neal in the butt!

Dmitri: Oh my… yes however everything is fine. We, blood-hunters, heal very fast.

Tabbruis: Thank God for that!

Neal: Well if you would pay more attention…

EG: (Interrupting) On another subject… gentlemen, um… you are all so incredibly gorgeous, are all blood-hunters like you?

Dmitri: Oh my… well, I believe we are all classically handsome…

Tabbruis: Dmitri… I think she means that we are some sort of eye-candy for the ladies…

Dmitri: Oh my…

Thomas: Ugh… (little squeak) I am… well yes ma’am… (full body blush) we are all… UGH!

Neal: Yes! I believe all blood-hunters are good looking and incredibly gorgeous too!

Tabbruis: You would, Neal! (Rolling his eyes)

EG: I’m getting something of an undercurrent to the last question? Is there?

Dmitri: Oh my… my love, we are all good-looking to the ladies… yes very much so.

Thomas: (clearing his throat) But Ma’am, we didn’t ask to be so good-looking… I guess it comes just natural?

EG: (Fanning myself with my notebook) Do blood-hunters have something inherent that make them so attractive?

Tabbruis: Women seem to be naturally attracted to us.

Dmitri: Oh my… well you see, my dear, we came to the Earth just as you see..(and he waves his hands over his person)

Thomas: I… I cannot… ugh! (blush) I cannot say.

Neal (grumpily): But we blood-hunters are very physically fit because of the hunt. Women don’t have to be attracted!

EG: (Getting a drink of water) How could women not be attracted?

Neal (in a gruff growling voice): Don’t look!

Thomas: Neal… she is a human woman. She is attracted to us. Just because you are not attracted to her does not mean she cannot look.

Neal: Well, I am certainly no one woman’s eye candy! (rolling his eyes)

Dmitri: Oh my… eye candy for the ladies? (Looking at EG intently with his deep blue eyes…) I would rather think it is the other way around! (Winking his eye at EG)

EG: (Swooning, biting my lip, and wetting them with Dmitri’s eyes on me… ) Have… have any of you had women falling over you before?

Tabbruis: Many times… but I waited millennia for Charmeine!

Thomas: I (blushes thoroughly)… I am taking the fifth on that!

Dmitri: Oh my… (smiling at EG)

Neal: Never, thank God! (rolls his eyes)

EG: (Pulling my hair up and fanning my neck) Tabbruis, can you tell me your favorite past time at the Castle Charmeine?

Tabbruis: That’s easy, spoiling my love, Charmeine. We have two horses, Tristan and Isolde, which we ride down to our private beach. Tabbruis smiled in revelry.

EG: Private beach?

Dmitri: Oh my… well, you see, my dear, the Castle Charmeine has a beach flanking its property on one side.

Tabbruis: So Charmeine and I ride out there every chance we get!

Neal: Yes, Tabbruis and Charmeine are out there quite a lot! When he should be paying more attention to the constuction at the Castle!

Thomas: The beach is nice, but I have been helping at the Castle construction.

Tabbruis: Yes, we do go every chance we get! I will have to admit that Charmeine and I love the beach. I just want her to happy. I love her so mu…

Thomas, Dmitri and Neal (rolling their eyes): We know!!!


Well, on that thought, (wetting my lips down and fanning myself) I will end this lovely interview.
It certainly has been fun interviewing the

9 responses

  1. Wow. 8-)

    May 25, 2012 at 10:13 am

    • I certainly loved this piece so much that I had to make it page for all the lovely inquiring minds who come to my blog! This MEN are totally SMEXY at the Castle Charmeine!!!

      Thanks for commenting, Emily

      May 25, 2012 at 1:38 pm

  2. *FANNING MYSELF* I could feel the heat lol….they are certainly eye-candy especially Dmitri & Thomas. Hmm, I really enjoyed this post. The Hot Men at the Castle Charmeine>>>Excellent.

    May 25, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    • Oh Gawd was it fun to write!!! It was so popular that I made it a page on my blog because people kept asking for the link!!! I’m going to do another one soon! AND YES!! Those men are some SMEXINESS!!! Thanks for commenting, Emily

      May 25, 2012 at 6:52 pm

      • I can’t wait :)- Camgal

        May 25, 2012 at 7:21 pm

  3. I’m new here on your blog, and i have to say im a little confused, Is Charmeine a castle or a woman? and the men do seem very smexxy,lol… where can i buy your books?? they seem so interestingly hot and amazing.. :-)

    September 8, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    • Charmeine is the heroine and the Castle is named after her The Castle Charmeine!!! The men are HAWT!!! I signed on with a publisher and he is releasing each book. The first book Charmeine is out on Amazon in ebook and at the printing company!!! Mactus will be be out by the end of the week on Amazon and so forth. There are five books and counting:)!!!!! Thanks! Emily

      September 8, 2012 at 5:32 pm

  4. Thank you for stopping by.

    October 7, 2012 at 5:25 pm

  5. Enjoyed reading this. I’d be fanning myself, too. :)

    July 3, 2013 at 8:17 pm


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