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SEDITIOUS… sexy snippet is almost here!!! The 4th Novel “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

GlowingHands-303x218Tabbruis saw Charmeine raise her hands, and light illuminated the forest like it was day. She was bathed in white light.

“You are an Angel who can rise above sedition, Charmeine. Your light is so pure.” 

“Hardly, far from it, Tabbruis,” she replied dismissively.

Her eyes opened wide with fear. “I see it. The snake is by your knee. Hold on.” With one pinpoint zap, the snake was propelled three hundred feet away.

As she approached him, she looked like the ‘Angel Charmeine’ he knew in Heaven. Love blazed from her body. In Heaven, she did not have the worries and troubles she had on Earth. Tabbruis closed his eyes and felt the peace she radiated and mumbled lethargically, “My love…”

She kneeled to look at the wound and put her hand on his leg.

He felt her hand emit warmth and well-being. He smiled and drowsily uttered, “You are, and always will be, an Angel glowing with light in my eyes.” 

Charmeine realized the snake venom was working very fast, and he was in serious danger. She hid her anxiousness and smiled. “Please, I’m anything but. It’s nothing. The light will go away in a minute. Let’s get you taken care of.”

Still aglow with bright light, she sat down next to him on the ground. She pulled her long blond hair to one side. “Tabbruis you need to drink to heal…” 

“I am fine.” He shook his head. The poison coursed its way through his body. He tried to get up, and fell back.

Charmeine touched his cheek and looked into his eyes.

The warmth which radiated from her hand made him happy.

“Tabbruis, drink.” She showered him in kisses on his neck.

Everywhere she kissed him, her lips left pleasant signatures on his skin. He began to moan with low growls as her heartbeat called to him. His nose broadened to take in her rose scented skin.

chama26Underneath her calmness, Charmeine was scared because he needed blood to heal, and fast! Seductively, she whispered, “My love, remember how it made us feel?” She brought her hands up to his face, and her heart skipped a beat as she noticed his head was cold and clammy. Now, she was terrified! Charmeine saw sweat pour off him. His eyes were red and watery. “Semper tua ero, Tabbruis,” and kissed him passionately.

His Blood-Hunter instinct and sexual desire took control. In a low feral growl, he gently pushed her down against the ground. He began to kiss and lick her neck.

Charmeine boiled with want and looked in his eyes. They were black with desire. “Yes, Tabbruis,” she panted with need as his hot, wet tongue ran from the bottom of her neck to her chin. She waited for him to take their union on a different plane of existence. Charmeine panted in expectation as her skin heated with the feel of his fangs against her neck. His moist, hot mouth kissed her. She touched her tongue to Tabbruis’ fangs, and her body went into a sexual body blush.

Her heartbeat was like an enchantress and called to Tabbruis’ blood which rushed through his veins. His desire overwhelmed him. He ran his hands up and down her body, and savored how she blushed wherever he touched her.

Finally, with a soft, feral growl, Tabbruis slowly bit into her neck and relished the luscious taste of her transcendent, sanguine liquid.

Sexual heat traveled up and down both of their bodies.

Tabbruis’ growl resonated through Charmeine’s bones and flesh. Once she felt the prick, the warmth went down her body. The first pull he made on her blood, she moaned because it felt so sensuous. Her physical appetite grew and pulled him closer.

They both were caught in the erotic pleasure of each other’s body.

4 Seditious Book Cover 1Charmeine noticed they were wrapped in a white light with no feeling of the outside world. It was like they were in a white nest which was comfortable.

Tabbruis felt warmth, but did not care. Her blood was too sweet and exquisite to care about anything else. Languorously, he relished every drop rushing over his tongue. He growled louder with the want to possess all of her.

Pulling up his shirt so she could feel his gorgeous flesh under her fingertips, Charmeine moaned and couldn’t fight the desire she felt.

Tabbruis pulled away from her and healed the wounds with a long lick of his tongue.

With his fangs exposed, she pulled him into a kiss.

Her tongue danced around his fangs, and it drove Tabbruis crazy with desire. 

Hungrily, she wanted to feel his skin next to hers.


One of my favorite quotes is what I was thinking while I wrote the passage above.

The Scarlet Letter (TV miniseries)

The Scarlet Letter (TV miniseries) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let men tremble to win the hand of woman, unless they win along with it the utmost passion of her heart!

Else it may be their miserable fortune, when some mightier touch than their own may have awakened all her sensibilities, to be reproached even for the calm content, the marble image of happiness, which they will have imposed upon her as the warm reality.

~Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter


SEDITIOUS is almost here! 4th Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

4 Seditious Book Cover

Down the corridor, Dmitri pulled Hera into a small study.

Deep inside her heart, Hera was still hurt. Even though she understood about how Bathsheba clouded his judgment, she could not understand how he could fall to pieces again. With this in mind, she most certainly did not want to be pulled anywhere by him. 

He closed the door, and immediately held her against his body so she could not leave his grasp. 

“Dmitri, release me now!” 

“I will not release you until you have forgiven me, Hera.” He bent down, and kissed her cheek.

“You have my forgiveness, now let me go!” she grumbled with clenched teeth.

“No, Hera…” he sighed with a lilt of shame. “I want you to forgive me,” and his eyes became pools of tears.

She could see his regret and offered, “Let your mind be finally at rest Dmitri. I believe you are truly sorry for your actions. I also believe you were tricked and deceived by Lucifer who sent the Witch.”

Suddenly, Hera hugged him as to hold his gorgeous body closer to her. With desperation, she pleaded, “My love, I ask your forgiveness too.”

“What?” He pulled away to look in her eyes. 

“For years Dmitri, I have harbored covetous jealousy toward you and Bathsheba. But, it was unfair to think you had any obligation to your deceased wife. You did not know I was in Heaven waiting to be released of my hold.”

“My lovely Hera, I understand. There is nothing to forgive,” he sighed as he shook his head.  

“That is exactly how I feel, Dmitri.” She threw herself into his embrace.

He held her close and wrapped his large arms around her tightly. Dmitri kissed her neck and whispered with a sexy tenor in his voice, “Hera, are you ready for this my dear?”

“No, but I will make do.” She looked away to avoid his eyes.

“When we get in there, do not hold back my love. Let me have it, as they say nowadays.” He took her face in his hands and growled with passion. “My divine Hera, I love you. As much as I regret my actions all those years ago, you can punish me until the end of time, and it will not take my shame away.”

“You should not carry that shame, Dmitri. Let it go. Release all the negative feelings you have. I love you, and I know you love me.” Tears streamed down Hera’s face.

He wiped each one as they fell.

Chania agora

Chania agora (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“When I was a little girl, my dreams were filled with images of you. When we stared at each other across the crowded Agora Market Square, I knew you were my soul mate.” She released the tie which tucked away his long hair, and ran her fingers through it. Her body responded in kind to his sexual charisma and held him closer.

“You saw me in your dreams before we met? I never knew that, Hera. You should have told me,” he uttered while he enjoyed her touch.

She wet her lips, looked up through her thick lashes and replied, “Dmitri, even though you were my soul mate, I did enjoy the chase.”

He closed his eyes and smiled with the pleasure that Hera loved him at first sight.

“Dmitri, it does not take a mathematician to know the equation: love, plus love, equals love.”


As he burned with passion, Dmitri took her face in his hands, and kissed her sweet lips. The kiss turned into an explosion of want and sexual need. He pushed her against the wall.

Hera moaned, gripped him harder, and burrowed her fingernails into his backbone to keep a close embrace on him. She surrounded her legs around his waist.

He growled with pleasure.

Their desire was in the air like a warm energy which passed through them. They liquefied against the wall of the study, almost to the point of no return. Breathless with passion, they pulled away from each other.

Portrait photo of a young women with black hai...

Portrait photo of a young women with black hair looking over her shoulder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Now, that is what I call a makeup kiss, Dmitri.” She saw his eyes had become blue pinpoints from want.

“Hera, after this duty is over, I will come to you, and as they say…” he took her hands, pushed them against the wall palms up as pink light pulsed through their bodies which made every part warm and stimulated, “…you have not seen anything yet.”

“Husband,” she whispered, “I will be waiting for you to come to me,” and winked at him. Hera took a big breath and advised, “Unless you want to explain to the children the facts of life, you better calm down.”

Again, they pulled away from each other hot with passion.

“I will always have the need to kiss you, to be near you, to love you, my beautiful wife.”

Hera took the tie and began to gather his hair back into a ponytail.

Dmitri smiled because it felt good to have her hands in his hair. “I will show you that you are my one and only love.” He kissed her again with softness. As he let go of her, he could see her body blush as she bit her lip in anticipation.


Oh my… I need a fan.

Is it hot in here?

SEDITIOUS is coming soon folks!

It is hot and adventure packed with betrayal and sedition.

One of my favorite novels in “The Light-Bearer Series”…

(okay, okay, they are all my favorites)


This trailer can give you a good idea of what to expect…

Castle Charmeine is a ROCKIN’



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