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GIVEAWAY and ‘She was life’.. excerpt from “CHARMEINE” the 1st Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

tumblr_m3el35QLnb1ql3cv0o1_500Tabbruis stood looking at the New York harbor. Even though Charleen had been asleep for a couple of hours, he did not want to leave her. He paced up and down the terrace slowly thinking of her. He was going through all the memories and images from the moment he met her. While she was sleeping, he studied her sweet face. The apparitions he had of her before they met were nothing compared to real life.

He had to admit he was enthralled by her. He wanted to make her arms his permanent home. He reveled in the thought of being with her every day. Nevertheless, he could not see how they could be together, because they were opposites. He mumbled, “How can I even tell her how I feel? How can I have a relationship with her? How can I ever make this work?”

However, he knew eventually he would have to leave her, and it would be the right thing to leave her. If they were ever together, by some miracle, they would be chased and hunted down until the ends of the Earth by the Elder Council Temple Guards and sentenced to death.

Tabbruis hung his head and acquiesced to the fact he had to make sure she was safe, and then he must leave. His heart broke in two because nothing in the world had ever made him feel so alive, not even blood. She sparked to him and him only. He thought it must mean something. His eyes started to well with tears, and his heart ached thinking about leaving her.

Now, finally after eight thousand years, he knew peace with her. When he finally separated from her, Tabbruis knew he would be in great misery. His broken heart ached to be with her. To him, she was all he wanted . . . she was life.

All of sudden, he heard a heart-wrenching scream. With superhuman speed, he sat down beside her.

She was thrashing about.

 “Charleen, wake up. It is just a dream, wake up.” He grabbed her arms.


She was still fighting in her dream. She was out of breath and sweat was pouring off of her face. Her hair was matted down to her neck with sweat.

He knew she was terrified. Her heart was practically beating out of her chest. Trying to soothe her he assured, “Charleen . . . Shh, it is only just a bad dream. Shh, everything is okay. Charleen!”

Slowly she started to come out of it. She gradually opened her eyes and focused on Tabbruis’ face above her. Immediately, she threw herself at him. She almost toppled him over. She was on his lap and hugging him so tightly, it took his breath away. Pressing her hand on his chest over and over again, she cried out, “Are you real? Are you here? Please don’t leave me!”


I wanted a gift for Christmas so bad with all my  14 year old heart.

I was sure, without a doubt, I wasn’t going to get it!

Presents were scarce in a household with eight kids

We celebrated all the Holidays with food, games, and singing carols, NOT presents.

That’s what I thought about writing this . . .


(By the way, the Timex watch I wanted was tucked inside a branch of the Christmas Tree after all. I didn’t find it until late Christmas night. I still have it to this day!)



There are five free copies available of


Just follow this link to Goodreads—charmeine-mactus-the-light-bearer-1-2-by-emily-guido?order=a&page=1



FREE TODAY ONLY-Must Read “Judged By The Cover” by Karen Einsel

FREE TODAY ONLY – a Must Read  “Judged By The Cover” by Karen Einsel




My new book came out yesterday. Am I excited? Not really. Am I euphoric? No. In fact I feel a little let down.

I got the idea for ”Judged By The Cover” When I was doing the series, “Judging a Book by its Cover” here on my blog. I had planned on publishing by Christmas, and then it was Valentine’s and sorry to say, other holidays came and went.

It all started with a cover. Nothing fancy, just something plain.

Judged 13

And then I read a blog post saying that if your book has a plain white background, put a frame around it.  And as you can see, he was right. So I tried different looks and different frames.

There are hearts Which I felt were too much.

Judged 12

And then I tried bricks, which wasn’t bad.

Judged 1

But I ended up with this. It reminded me of pillars from the Roman Empire or the Judicial system. Something you would see at a courthouse, or a government building.


“Judged by the Cover” is the story of Terri who lives in NY. She is in a relationship and she is a noted cover designer. She is hired by a publisher to design a cover for the best selling author, Craig Burrows. But not only does Craig Burrows write mystery novels, he is a mystery. He has no bio and there are no photos of him to be found. In fact his author photo he uses for the back covers of his novels look like this,

 A man

Now Terri starts judging him by his rejection emails and he starts judging her by her cover designs. When they finally meet in person will things change? And why is he a man of mystery?

Okay that’s the basic. One other thing, There is part of the first chapter (of the fictional) Craig Burrow’s new book, “Judged by You”

Now, I’m not a mystery writer, but I think I should write his book and toss my own.  Ha Ha!

Anyway, because of my lack of self confidence, I started writing a poem ( I’m not a poet either), that would go into my book of short stories and poems, based on photo and word prompts which is due out in December and tentatively title, “Throughout the Year”  I was going to share the beginning of it with you, but as I started adding more to it I decided that I am going to make it into a children’s rhyming book with illustrations. We will see how that turns out considering I don’t write children’s books, nor am I an artist or illustrator! Yikes! What am I doing?

So I procrastinated and I got paranoid! I doubted my work. Always have, still do, and probably always will.

Okay enough whining on my part. There are countless blog post on “Judging a book by its cover. Here is mine;

And here is one on Huffington Post;

And another one here on the blog;  YA CONFIDENTIAL

And who would of known that there is actually a song titled, “You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover” By the great Bo Diddley!

Oh and my book is featured here on Ngaire’s Blog

And here too!

Thank you sooo much Ngaire!

And “Judged by the Cover” is dedicated to all of the authors who shared their book covers on my blog.

Writing a book with the title, “Judged by the Cover” is very risky!

What happens if the readers give the cover an “A” and the story a “D” So I have decided to use this book as a work in progress, editing, revising, rewriting, taking out, adding more and it might take me ten years to get it exactly where I want it to be,  but it is available now on Amazon

In the US

And the UK

So pick up your free copy TODAY. Judge it, critique it, tear it apart anyway you want, just be sure to leave a review!

FREE TODAY ONLY – a Must Read  “Judged By The Cover” by Karen Einsel



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