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EXCITING NEWS!!!! My book cover is a semi-finalist in Author’s! PLEASE VOTE for “Charmeine”

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My Book Cover is a Semi-Finalist!

The Book Cover was the product

of mastermind TC McKinney and Nessa Arcamenel

at PDMI Publishing!!!!

Lots of love, Emily Guido

411 with Emily Guido and “The Light-Bearer Series”

What are my books about?

“The Light-Bearer Series” is about Tabbruis and Charmeine.  He’s a Vampire or Blood-Hunter and she is an Angel or Light-Bearer.  However, I never said in my books that Tabbruis is a Vampire. I said he was a Blood-Hunter throughout the series.

64159_176655879116685_176636999118573_257471_1415437038_nWhy? I wanted to set up this series that action was being played mostly in today’s time period but also in past time periods. Tabbruis shares, along with his other Blood-Hunter buddies, Dmitri, Neal and Thomas all their rich eyewitness encounters with the most significant events of human history.

Now, for the sexy part… Tabbruis and Charmeine are opposites and they attract just like magnets.  Charmeine is Angelic and supposed to kill Blood-Hunters, and Tabbruis is Hellish and supposed to kill Light-Bearers. But when they meet, that is the last thing they have on their mind, quite the opposite!

cropped-facebook-emily.jpgNow, to survive their forbidden love, they battle the Evil Elder Council that has put a price on their heads. In “The Light-Bearer Series” we find out that Charmeine has been given the task of being the Queen of the Light-Bearers and as such, she is given a Holy Edict to rid the Earth of evil in ALL forms along with her King of Darkness, Tabbruis.

What goes into the recipe for a great paranormal romance . . . hummmm?

392545_198977216892181_135065112_nOh my, the perfect man, warped on the inside and drop-dead gorgeous on the outside. You need a woman who is not a weakling, but a strong, capable and formidable lady.  I’m so through with women always having to be saved.  “Charmeine” was written in my mind that my women characters were very independent, smart and sassy.  Then you have to have the perfect mystery and mystical mix to make the pot nice and hot to boil in sexiness (smexy), action, and adventure

How did I create the perfect “Swoon” worthy man?

Ah yes, the man. It always comes down to the perfect man! I’m different than most women; I like a hero that is damaged. Heroes such as Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester or Mr. Darcy, all are perfect in my eyes because they are kind of warped on the inside. Then, they melt their icy hearts when the love of their life comes into view. Damaged, good-looking men are always a treat to the eyes. I love tall, no nonsense, dark-haired, half-shaven, dressed nicely, built, athletic, and most of all smoking eyes that can melt anyone with a look.

If I was a paranormal being, what would I be?

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved vampires . . . I guess I watched too many episodes of “Dark Shadows” after school.

I want my readers to know.

Have a good time reading.

Charmeine and Tabbruis 1If you love romance and then don’t settle for anything less than two opposites which when they come together, it is like centrifugal force and the longing and heart-wrenching drama is overwhelming to them and they cannot understand what happened.

If you love paranormal action, you should be hit like lightning when it strikes a beach which makes these wonderful glass conflagrations in the sand. The sand melts with the force of the lightning.

I think Paranormal Romance should have mystery, never possession, but magnetism that can’t be explained or overcame with power, wealth or sex. Romance is not sex. Romance is connection and Paranormal Romance is romance with a bite!


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