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Blood Lust . . . “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido


Tears were pouring out of Charmeine’s eyes clouding her vision. Tabbruis’ pallor was almost white. Helplessness enveloped her. She screamed with all the fear she felt in her soul, “Damn It To Hell!”

In desperation, she cut her finger with the letter opener. She pushed her bleeding finger through his lips, and rested it on his tongue. “Taste my blood; you need to drink now, Tabbruis.” She whispered in his ear, “Drink . . .”

Tabbruis rolled his eyes. He could not believe it, but her voice was the same voice he heard eight thousand years ago telling him to ‘drink’ when he chose to only take the blood from animals instead of humans.

Charmeine saw there was no response from him. Still with her bathing top on, she unzipped her hoodie and took it off. While dripping blood on her neck, she pulled Tabbruis up into a sitting position and leaned his mouth against her neck rubbing her bloody finger against her jugular vein and his lips.


Tears were rolling down Charmeine’s face. She said in his ear, “Hold on to me, Tabbruis, don’t leave me now. I’ve been searching for you my whole life. Semper . . . tua . . . ero . . . Tabbruis . . . I am forever yours.”

Finally, Charmeine felt a puncture in her neck and gasped at the pain, but was very relieved. Something strange happened when he began to pull on her blood. She felt a rush of warmth run through her body. When he pulled again on her blood, a shock of pleasure ran up and down her body. She laid back on the bed too weak to hold up his weight up anymore.

Going on Tabbruis’ basic instincts, he rested across the top of her with his mouth buried in her neck. He pulled on her sublime and sweet blood again. When he drank, an electric, sexual heat filled all his senses.

Charmeine did not know what was going on. She had never felt like this before. She pressed him against her body and whispered, “Hold me, Tabbruis. Hold me closer.”

With a low growl, he began to wrap his arms around her tightly.

Couple+in+bed_1111_18208605_0_0_7003308_300She moaned with pleasure as she locked her hands on his back feeling his muscles tighten under her touch.

Tabbruis was not only reveling in her sweet and divine blood rushing over his tongue, but he was on fire with desire. His body had never experienced the feelings of pure want and sexual need which flowed through him.

Never had Tabbruis wanted anyone, but he craved Charmeine’s body and soul. He did not want to let go until they were both satisfied with the need they both were feeling.






Love him, love her, love someone… today!

All of my love to you,


Get to know the gang at The Castle Charmeine in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido


Get to know the gang at The Castle Charmeine… 


Tabbruis – (Tab-bree-us)

Drop Dead Gorgeous 

and Grecian living statue come to life

is Tabbruis!  


Tabbruis is the man of my dreams!  He has deep, hypnotic green, emerald eyes that can make a girl melt.  Kind and honest to a fault, he is The King of the Blood-Hunters!

With a little hint of a Middle-East accent, Tabbruis has a lovely bass voice. However, he can speak almost any language even with the proper dialect.

He was a loner for thousands of years. Very wealthy and rich beyond anyone has a clue at, he usually doesn’t splurge on himself.

Tabbruis makes Charmeine heat up with just a look! Heck, I would too!  He is brave and bold, but shy too.  Ah, the sweetness…  He is a perfect gentleman, but somehow, he makes big mistakes.

He relishes having his Charmeine in his arms!  Now, he loves to spoil Charmeine rotten with any luxury he can think of.

2012-dodge-charger-sxt-v6-photo-473495-s-1280x782Tabbruis loves Charmeine and his family, but he’s a little soft for his muscle car… 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8, AWD with a Hemi Engine with 465 horses.

Tabbruis has a built in radar detector with his Blood-Hunter senses and can race through New York City without getting a ticket!

Tristan and Isolde

However, Tabbruis also loves his horses, Tristan and Isolde too. Charmeine has fell in love with them as well!  Of course Tristan is the black horse that Tabbruis rides and Isolde is the white horse that Charmeine has.

Tristan is always itching to race, but Isolde won’t let him have the upper hand, so to speak! Tabbruis and Charmeine have a blast racing the beautiful animals across the countryside.



One of my favorite to die for characters!

LongDarkStraightOMG!! Dmitri is just “Hotness on a stick!”

He is exact, bold and unbelievably sexy!  Dmitri is the one of the oldest of the Blood-Hunters in the world.

He is wise and helps Tabbruis and Charmeine with his knowledge.  He was named as the trusted ‘Advisor’ to Charmeine. He runs or is the Administrator of the “Castle Charmeine.”

On the other hand, Dmitri can come out with the funniest comments! He is known for his signature and snarky… ‘Oh my’His story really picks up with steamy scenes in the following novels!



Hera is Dmitri’s beloved and gorgeous Grecian wife who comes back into his life and they mix it up!


But Dmitri is also a family man who is devoted to his children, Percival and the darling Athena!


5582745-portrait-of-happy-cheerful-handsome-guy-with-brown-curly-hair (1)       eden-wood

 Percival       Athena

(Dmitri and Hera’s Son)   (Dmitri and Hera’s Daughter)



The lovely and strikingly beautiful young woman is a new addition to the members of Castle Charmeine.

Her powers with ESP and Telekinesis have qualified her to be a the resident Sorceress of the Castle Charmeine.

When she meets Percival, sparks fly…literally!



ThomasI love Thomas and his innocence, but truly, he is an Adonis.  Golden Brown hair and wonderful sky blue eyes…  ahh….

His mission is avenging the death of his precious Laura who was killed; get this…by his own Father, the evil Pascal, the Head of the Elder Council!

He is a very loving and faithful man.  He tries so hard to make up for the terrible Blood-Hunter father he had, Pascal, who is terrorizing and threatening the inhabitants of the “Castle Charmeine.”

Thomas is a very conservative and faithful Blood-Hunter and used to serve as a Deacon in the Catholic Church.

Nevertheless, Thomas has a deep secret he carries and when it is revealed… it will leave you reeling.



Laura is the smart, sassy and extremely intelligent Doctor of Castle Charmeine.  She is an extremely good physician but her bedside manner is not to be found when she is in an emergency!

Laura has been on the Earth for thousands of years as a Light-Bearer.  She has been taking care of people for as long as she has been on Earth. Sometimes with a snarky comment, her humor is always on the mark.

However, Laura has a dark and frightening past, and Thomas is her savior.



(aka Nemamiah)

Neal (aka Nemamiah) is the wonderful HUGE Protector of the “Castle Charmeine!” Neal is from Africa and has a thick accent with a booming deep bass voice.

He is at least 7 foot tall and is just a cuddly teddy bear of the family but he can also rip your arm off yawning!  STRONG MAN!

His bald head and intimidating stature makes him a perfect military man.

He is incredibly gorgeous, but ladies… sorry, Neal has a love and his name is Hameal!  Murdered by the evil Elder Council, Hameal was Neal’s heart. So Neal is out to avenge his gorgeous lover’s death!



OMG! What a hunk!

Hameal is from Egypt, and before he met his lover, Neal, he was a builder of the Pharaohs.

Now, he is a builder, architect and designer of the Castle Charmeine.

In addition, he is a wonderful friend to Charmeine, as they always have their heads together chatting about something… usually gossip.

Ladies, this is the man to have on your side when good times are to be had!



Shane is just too yummy for words!

He is always cracking jokes and provides much comic relief but he is also built like a Viking Warrior!

He has long red hair, crystal clear blue eyes and built like a brick house! Shane has all the characteristics of his mother, Charmeine, a Light-Bearer and his father, Tabbruis, a Blood-Hunter.

He is strong in wisdom and is fiercely in love with his soul mate Sandra Gomez.

They are such a wonderful and dynamic couple!



Shane’s fiancee and spunky spitfire!

Sandra Gomez is 100 pounds of dynamite! She can do almost anything and is afraid of nothing.

She grew up in the Bronx barely surviving and went into the Army where she was recruited into Special Ops. That is where she met her soul mate Shane. They fell instantly in love and care for each other deeply.

She is a Light-Bearer and a Flame-Bearer also.

Also, she has a ‘killing’ sense of humor all wrapped up in one hell of a Feisty woman.

The Men at the Castle Charmeine are truly amazed by this smart, beautiful and deadly adversary!


Last but not least, CHARMEINE!

(aka Charleen, mild-mannered grade school teacher)


When Charmeine meets Tabbruis, it is like two stars colliding. The scene is electric with desire, attraction and heat!

She is light, love, honesty, beauty and courage wrapped into one package. Also, she is hot-tempered, jealous and blows up at times.

Loving and accepting of all the family at the Castle Charmeine.  She draws them to her.  She is also fiercely protective of Tabbruis and her family.

When Charmeine realizes her role as the Queen of the Light-Bearers, she takes the responsibility of saving humankind from all of Lucifer’s minions on Earth!



Here are my trailers for all my books!




The Prophecy . . . an excerpt from “MACTUS” from the 2nd book of “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

There are five more free copies available of 


Just follow this link to Goodreads—charmeine-mactus-the-light-bearer-1-2-by-emily-guido?order=a&page=1



Charmeine’s arms extended and her feet came off the ground. She looked like a large electric butterfly.

Everyone gasped with astonishment.

She flew over them going to one end of the terrace and back about twenty feet off the ground. Her butterfly arms lit up with a bright white light. In a big booming voice from Heaven she exclaimed, “I am God’s Holy Instrument, a Light-Bearer! I am on Earth to fight for justice and send Lucifer’s children to Hell! No shadows will ever block the Son!” 

A crackle of thunder boomed, making each person jump.

Charmeine made lightning come down from the sky surrounding the terrace, like an electrical jail. The smell of electric current blew through the air. She started to float down slowly.

With a flash of lightning, Charmeine and Sandra became normal. They looked at each other stunned. Then, they hugged while laughing.

The men stood in awe.

DmitriDmitri’s eyes were wide with excitement, and he shouted with great joy, “Thank God! The Prophecy is fulfilled! I see it all now! The Prophecy of God . . . is upon Charmeine!” 

Everyone looked at Dmitri in puzzlement.

However, Tabbruis was not looking at Dmitri. His heart was racing, and he gazed at Charmeine with fear and anxiety.

Dmitri cried out, “The Prophecy says the Queen of Light will sit on the throne, the King of Night will fight as her Champion, and their family will rule the Elders with truth, wisdom and justice!”

tumblr_m5vv7z80Mv1qg9gt6o1_250“No! Dmitri! It cannot be . . . She cannot not the Queen of Light!” 

“Tabbruis, God’s will be done, not yours.” Dmitri bowed in front of Charmeine.

It seemed the air was knocked out of Tabbruis’ lungs, and he tried to control the absolute dread in his heart. He thought, The Prophecy is to be carried out by my family? Charmeine is supposed to fight Evil? His head was spinning. For in his heart, he knew what Dmitri said was true. He was overwhelmed with fear and dread. Charmeine is the Queen of Light, and I am the King of Darkness and Night, he thought, It cannot be.

Dmitri held up his hands and yelled, “Praise Be to God! Finally the Elder Council will be destroyed!” All of sudden, his face went black with foreboding, and he said, “Oh my children, the Prophecy says there will be great suffering, and a battle which will be tragic and bloody.” He turned slowly and went up the stairs leading to the Ball Room.

Everyone was baffled and tried to process the last few minutes.

However, Tabbruis felt like his shoulders had a thousand pound weight on them. His wife was the Queen of Light. His charge was to Champion and support her.    

Then Dmitri turned around and said in a commanding voice, “Practice to do battle with the Elder Council begins tonight on the lawn at sunset. I suggest everyone rest,” looking at Charmeine and Sandra, “you will need it.”


Always remember you are never alone.

Whatever religion you are or what your situation is . . .

I believe there are Gaurdians there with you.

Angels or Spirits or whatever

Love this song, and I think of Charmeine’s Battle cry when I hear it!

Lots of love and peace, Emily

TWO Five Star Reviews for “CHARMEINE” and “MACTUS” first two books in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

Okay, I’m sorry for this display of self-promotion, but Lord . . .

these reviews were, for me, a shot in arm . . . a dead Author’s arm! 

So, I’m shamelessly letting you see these reviews of the NEWLY RE-EDITED editions.

There are five more free copies available of the two books.

Just follow this link to Goodreads—charmeine-mactus-the-light-bearer-1-2-by-emily-guido?order=a&page=1


Review of “CHARMEINE” the 1st Book in “The Light-Bearer Series”

1 Charmeine

I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.

Firstly I would like to thank Emily Guido, author of Charmeine, for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book.

OH.MY.GOSH! I loved it, totally! This story is great and will tempt any readers because this book has true love and the struggle to live with it which I think everyone likes.

Tabbruis is to die for handsome and a blood hunter vampire whereas we have Charleen who is a light bearer angel and guess what they fall in love when they meet while Tabbruis saves Charleen from other blood hunters who attacked her.

Yup you guessed it right, both of the blood hunters and light bearers are enemies and want to destroy each other whereas here we have our hero and heroine who enter the world of forbidden love and will struggle against their own to have one another and save their love.

Where ever there is forbidden love you’ll find me there, just kidding! I love reading books regarding true love and the fight to save it well if you are in my team then this is the ‘IT’ book for you.


Review of “MACTUS” the 2nd Book in “The Light-Bearer Series”

Mactus Jpeg

I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.

Firstly I would like to thank Emily Guido, author of Mactus, for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book.

WOW! What a great read.

Charmeine was intriguing and now Mactus really changed the meaning of intriguing to me it was freakishly intriguing and exciting with more dark secrets, power-packed fighting scenes, passionate true love, heart touching family bonding, dangerous enemies craving blood and destruction.

I really fell in love with this book and you’ll too when you read it. It’s a total page turner and I completed it in one sitting! The story brings back the wondrous magic of Emily Guido and we are taken back to the life of Charleen and Tabbruis where they slowly get glimpses of their long lost love through dreams and as a special treat we get to see Shane in love as well.

The Elder Council and the blood hunters posses threats all over again and this time the fight is not only for the couple but also for their family as well where loyalty, love, affection, dedication are all put through dangerous tests and love is at stake again!

With unpredictable twists and turns, revelations of hidden secrets, increase in intensity of love we find ourselves to be on an roller coaster where you can’t even imagine what’s going to be served next.

A thrilling and gripping read for ya all and I’m sure that You’ll love it as I did!

Great job Emily, you rock! Now I’m anxious waiting for the next and upcoming installments!


Love, love this song and I think of Tab and Char . . . don’t know why, just do


Lots of love, Emily


Dream of Horror… excerpt from “MACTUS” the 2nd book of “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido



136515432424157204_9ePWhm6G_fAs Charmeine appeared in Tabbruis’ dream, she was being carried away in darkness. 

He saw her being tortured on the ‘Altar of Judgment’ lying helpless and defenseless.

Tabbruis was being held by the Elder Temple Guards doing everything he could to get to her.


He screamed in horror as the Elder walked over to her with his fangs exposed and leaned down . . .


Tabbruis tossed his head back and forth, roused himself out of sleep and ran to the bathroom to check on Charmeine, but she was gone. He looked around and saw her clothes were on the bathroom floor with a used bath towel. The shoes she wore were gone. His throat tightened, and he became very alarmed. Quickly, he ran out the bedroom and down the hallway.

stock-footage-man-runs-into-the-dark-concrete-tunnel-from-the-glowing-endHe opened the door to their castle wing and stood on the front entry staircase landing. He reached out with his senses and felt her heart beating which made him instantly relieved.

Very soft music was coming from the Grand Hall downstairs. As he started down the steps, Tabbruis heard Dmitri whisper, “Charmeine is in the Grand Hall playing the piano.” He saw Dmitri standing by the door to his wing of the castle.

He nodded and began to head down the stairs.

Dmitri whispered, “Charmeine will surrender, Brother. I am sorry. She will not fight.”

Tabbruis’ heart erupted in pain! He felt like a two ton truck had hit him. “Charmeine is strong. We will be a family as God intended us to be. She will fight for our family.”

john_abraham-27“Ah yes, your family is set as God planned it to be on the dreadful day of the battle in Heaven. However, Charmeine is a Light-Bearer; she is a light of God. This woman is like the Son. She will sacrifice herself for her family. Tabbruis, my brother, look into your heart. Do you believe she will let you suffer for her? Do you believe she will let anyone suffer for her? The love in her heart is too strong.” 

Tabbruis hung his head and replied with despair, “Dear God, how could you do this to my family again? I just found Charmeine, and you want to take her away from me and our son?”

He could hear music from the Grand Hall, and it was so beautiful.

Thoughts of Charmeine’s tortured face from his nightmare raced in his memory, and he began to tear hiding it from Dmitri. No way could he survive losing her all over again.

tumblr_m565e8km6p1rxtnc6o1_500Sitting on the stair with his head in his hands, he whispered, “I have seen it Dmitri. I know what you say is true. I cannot bear to go on without her. I would rather die with her than to be without her. I have waited eight thousand years for Charmeine and God be damned if she will be taken away from me again.”  


I always loved this song

always . . .

It shows the strength that a pure love has.

And the lyrics and voice are haunting!

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

“ACCENDO” – Emotional snippet from the 3rd book from “THE LIGHT-BEARER SERIES” by Emily Guido

n_sensual_hot_art_model_sexy_kiss_Couple_passion_amor_clo3_sex_passion_love_pics_Imagineglows_erotic_Lara_angie56_kissing_ilag_36_Soft_Couples_large_thumbTabbruis stopped sobbing while his head laid on Charmeine’s lifeless body. He had a smile on his face and whispered into her ear, “Thank you for coming back to me. Semper tuus ero, my love.”

A brilliant luminosity started to run up and down her body. Tabbruis’ arms were tingling with electric heat. He knew this was a sign from God. She was being healed and returned to him. Tabbruis’ heart started to pump again. He muttered, “Thank you God.”

With a rush of wind and flash of light, she awoke.

Everyone gasped as they saw her body light up. They saw the wound on her head was completely healed.

She looked at Tabbruis, curved her lips in a weak smile and whispered, “I chose you and our family because you believed.” Then she turned her head passed out.

The family rushed to her.

Accendo2Laura pushed through. “I’m a doctor.” She started to take rudimentary vital signs.

“Let me through.” Sandra started to assist Laura.

Laura lifted the lid to Charmeine’s eye. “She’s got weak vital signs. Sandra, keep checking her vitals. I’m checking her cranium for residual damage from the GSW. Don’t move her. I need to examine if she has a visible TBI or penetrating head trauma is a wound in which the shot breached the cranium but didn’t exit.”

Tabbruis was trying to clutch her away from Laura.

Thomas grabbed his arms. “Laura is a very good physician.  Charmeine is in very good hands. Be calm Brother and believe.”

Tabbruis nodded, and let her out of his grasp. ‘Believe,’ the same word Charmeine left him with. He grabbed his arms and brought them across his chest. He smelled her blood. He unclenched his fists and brought his hands down in front of him and saw the sign of the cross with her blood on the back of his hands. Tabbruis held his hands together as in a prayer. “She has sacrificed everything for me and our family. Why will she not wake up? The wound is healed.”

Wwii_woman_worker-edit WRF800Laura turned to him and reasoned, “Tabbruis, I know her injury was fatal. However, the good news is that I can’t find the entrance or exit of the bullet. She’s breathing and her heart is pumping. It’s as if she was healed by some unknown force.”

“Focus on that Tabbruis and let the doctor Laura work.” Dmitri put his hand on Tabbruis’ shoulder.

Dmitri, Shane and Thomas pulled Tabbruis off the ground.

“Mom is a fighter. She will be fine Dad.” Shane hugged him.

 “I believe she is safe to move. I need to have more light. God, I wish I had my medical bag. Where I can give her a cursory exam?” Laura asked.

“Tabbruis take our Queen to your suite so she can rest,” Dmitri commanded. “Please everyone go to the castle through the entrance to the Grand Hall by the rose garden. Neal, Shane, Thomas and I need to set the field in order before daylight any humans see this.”

“We will start a funeral pyre in the far western corner of the field,” Neal said.

“Can someone get me a board and blankets?” Laura looked up.

“Yes doctor.” Thomas was not gone but seconds before he was back with the supplies she needed.

Laura kissed Thomas and thanked him.

Laura and Sandra began to construct a makeshift stretcher. “Sandra let’s move her slowly without any movement to our Queen’s head or spinal column.”

worried-man“Why is she not awake?” Tabbruis was worried.

“I don’t know for certain without proper diagnostic equipment Tabbruis.” She turned to Sandra and ordered, “When we examine her, let’s do a GCS rating.”

“Yes doctor.”

Sandra whispered to Shane, “She will be fine. I love you,” and kissed him.

“On my count, Sandra and Tabbruis, let’s lift and move her very slowly.” Laura was adamant about keeping her head and spine immobile.

When they reached their Master Suite, they placed Charmeine on the bed. Laura and Sandra went to the ‘his and hers’ bathroom sinks and started to wash up.

Laura directed, “We need to get her out of these things and clean up her head and hair to see if the blood is covering up another wound.”

“I will do that,” Tabbruis offered.

“Tabbruis, our Queen needs to be handled without any possible movement to her head and spinal column.”

She turned to Sandra and smiled, “I assume you have had training with that?”

Sandra responded clinically, “Of course doctor.”

“Tabbruis believe me when I say our Queen is in capable hands. Please do not take this the wrong way, but let Sandra and I do our jobs. God has put us here for a reason.”

“Yeah Dad, Mom’s in good hands with us.”

“Yes I know you she is Daughter. I am in both of your debts. I just…” He was about to break down with fear and walked to the terrace with his head down. He paced within earshot.

Since it was a cold night, the door to the terrace was only open a fraction of an inch. Laura and Sandra took off Charmeine’s Kevlar suit and cleaned her up inspecting her head and body for sign of trauma.

homemade lotion Peppermint Rose sept 11 2012 010They were about to put on her pajamas but Tabbruis went into the bathroom and handed them the rose lotion which Charmeine loved. Welling in tears, he had thin pained lips and a creased brow. “Please put some of this on her legs and arms before dressing her for bed.”

Sandra uncapped the bottle. “God, it smells like Mom in a bottle.”

“Yes, Charmeine, or Mom, needs to wake up smelling like she is home.”

“She will be with us soon Dad. She’s tough and will be up and around in no time.” Sandra reached for Tabbruis’ hand and held it tightly.


One of my ALL TIME Favorite melodies… “Come Back to Me”… it so fits this scene.  All of Tabbruis’ desperation and love pouring through Frank Sinatra’s beautiful and sultry voice!  ENJOY!!!

SEDITIOUS… “The Light-Bearer Series” I’m chomping at the bit for it to be out… Plus personal update! By Emily Guido

Lord Cromwell 1“Okay, we have to imprison Lord Cromwell, check,” and Charmeine held up her hand making a check mark in the air.

“Listen Sis, we need to tell you of how daunting Lord Cromwell is,” Hameal remarked as his face became stoic with a very serious look.

“Some of Earth’s darkest times were influenced by him,” Hera added.

“We know his deeds from our holds in Heaven,” Laura said as she folded her arms across her chest and sat back with a distant look. “We could see the loss of life and destruction he caused by clouding men’s minds. It’s a pretty lengthy list.”

“Yeah Mom, he was the one to influence building the Tower of Babel,” Sandra chimed in.

“The actual Tower of Babel?  But how…?” Charmeine asked.

“Generations following the great flood with Noah, we, the people of the Earth spoke one language,” Dmitri interrupted her and had a far off look on his face.

With a glimmer of recognition, Tabbruis added, “We migrated from the east, and came to the land of Shinar.”

Turris Babel from Athanasius Kircher

Turris Babel from Athanasius Kircher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Where the people resolved to build a city with a tower,” Thomas said with a black face.

“The tower was supposed to have its top in the heavens…” Hameal murmured.

“Lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the Earth,” Neal grumbled.

“And so God scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages, and they left off building the city.” Laura welled in tears.

“You knew each other then?” Charmeine asked with wide open eyes.

They all shook their heads no.

“We did not know each other then, but we lived the same history,” Tabbruis replied.

Thomas uttered with a face of reminiscence, “The Tower which was called Babel because God confounded the language of all the Earth.”

“I’m constantly amazed at the history you all have shared.” Charmeine’s face lit up when she heard about the events they lived through.

“Charmeine, you romanticize history, but those who have lived it, are traumatized by it!” Tabbruis snapped.

She looked at him with surprise. He never lost his temper until Bathsheba came. She felt like her heart was bleeding.

“Amen to that, Tabbruis!” Laura blurted out. “Charmeine, you have no idea how lucky you were to appear on Earth in 1997. Some of us have had to live through Hell.”

Julius Cesar (Malmö)

Julius Cesar (Malmö) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hameal could see Charmeine was still hurt from Tabbruis’ retorts. He tried to change the subject. “The assassination of Julius Caesar was from his doing. Cromwell also influenced Hernán Cortés who was mainly responsible for the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. The carnage of the people and rape of the land was immeasurable.”

Deutsch: Bildnis Franz Ferdinand, Erzherzog vo...

Deutsch: Bildnis Franz Ferdinand, Erzherzog von Österreich-Este, mit Familie. Franz Ferdinand in Generalsuniform, seinen Sohn Max auf dem Schoß, zusammen mit seiner Gattin Sophie Chotek, stehend, und seiner Tochter Sophie, auf einem Tisch sitzend. Fotografie des Atelier Adele. Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Inventarnr. Pf 31134:D(16) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Mom, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Duchess of Hohenberg, were assassinated on June 28, 1914, in Sarajevo. Their deaths were the impetus for World War I, and we believe this pitiful excuse for a Blood-Hunter is guilty,” Shane said with a frown.

“How can Lord Cromwell wield such power?” Charmeine asked. She tried not to get sick and said, “But, two questions weigh on my mind. First and foremost, how did Pascal overcome the influence of Lord Cromwell? Second, why didn’t Pascal kill him? Why imprison him when he knew he was such a threat to the Blood-Hunters?

4 Seditious Book Cover 1

“We do not know, but I feel positive the family will find out those answers,” Tabbruis replied. “Nevertheless Charmeine, you need to know what kind of a force we are dealing with.  Lord Cromwell will not be easy to defeat. I am afraid the Elder Council was just a warm up for our family’s strength to be tested on Earth.”


But when I think of this

revealing excerpt,

I think of this song below…

NO other song will suffice




I will be off-line for a few days!

When I get out of the hospital and up enough to be at a computer desk.

I will be chiming in with more goodies!


Interview of the men in The Light-Bearer Series

377303_4040958076419_1469625629_n (2)This is Emily Guido reporting to you live from the “Castle Charmeine” in Romania.

I have been waiting for the interview for several days now. 

I didn’t know what to expect but when these gentlemen came in… I am (swallow) pleasantly surprised to say the least… (swoon)…

Gentlemen,Good Evening!

ALL: Good Evening.


Emily:  Let me start out with a general question just to break the ice.  Do all four of you live at the ‘Castle Charmeine’?

ALL:  Yes.


Dover-CastleEmily:  Now, who originally owned this enormous and ancient castle?

Tabbruis (in a slight European accent):  I think Dmitri should answer that one.

Dmitri (in a very thick Romanian accent): Oh my… Well, you see my dear; I came to Romania a long time ago, over 5000 years ago, as a matter of fact. 


I had many experiences here and some of the local townfolk used to make up a scary bedtime story about me… the “Red Dragon” is what they called me. 

But then Tabbruis came, and we began to share the castle.


6a00d83451f4a069e2014e89ddd499970d-800wiEmily:  Excuse me?  (wide open eyes) What do you mean by “Red Dragon”?

Dmitri:  Oh my… Well, my dear, Emily that is “Dracul” to you and I.


Emily:  Uh….Dracula?

Dmitri:  Well, my love, if you want to think it is me. Oh my…that is fine for me.

(Smiling at Emily with his bright white teeth and long eye-teeth)


Slide1-1Emily:  Oh!  Well that’s okay… (a little scared… turning to Tabbruis now…)  

Tabbruis please tell me about yourself?  

(Still looking out of the corner of my eye at Dmitri who is smiling at me like a cat watching a canary)

Tabbruis:  I… well I am just a happy man now that I have Charmeine. 

She is my love, my wife, and she literally lights up my life. 

Before I met my soul mate, I was incomplete…  I do not know how to explain it…

Thomas:  He was all alone.  Tabbruis accepted it, but he was not happy?

Tabbruis:  Yes, quite right.  I never thought I would ever be mated to a woman.  However, now that I have my soul mate, Charmeine, she is my universe.


EdSpeleers3Emily:  Well Thomas since you spoke up?  How are you today?

Thomas:  Yes, well… I am fine.  We are very busy at the castle expanding and renovating. 

There is a lot of family to accommodate, and we are constructing new rooms right now.

NealNeal (In a gruff African accent):  My lover and Husband, Hameal, and I are constructing new additions to the Castle Charmeine. Hameal is skillfully assisting me.  

However, you three are trying to get me killed or at the very least permanently injured!

Tabbruis: I am sorry Neal. I became distracted… Charmeine was just so beautiful in her dress, that I could not concentrate.

Neal:  That is no excuse for not paying attention; it was a power nail gun!


Emily (snickering):  So I take it there was a mishap with a tool in the renovations?

mDmitri:  Oh my…

Yes well…

Tabbruis did not look where he was going…

Consequently he shot a nail, and it landed in my good friend and protector, Neal…

Thomas (laughing out loud):  He shot him in the butt!

Dmitri:  Oh my… yes but… (excuse the pun) everything is fine. 

We, Blood-Hunters, heal very fast my dear Emily.

Tabbruis:  Thank God for that!


Emily:  So… on another subject… gentlemen, um tell me you are all so incredibly gorgeous, are all Blood-Hunters like you?

Dmitri:  Oh my… well, I believe we are all classically handsome…

(giving a wink to Emily… *she swoons*)

 An image from the Dolce & Gabbana watch campaignTabbruis:  Dmitri… I think she means that we are some sort of eye-candy for the ladies.

 Dmitri:  Oh my… I wonder what kind of candy I am?

(looking at Emily with his eyebrow raised)

 Thomas (little squeak):  I am… well yes ma’am… we are all… UGH!

 Neal:  Yes!  I believe all Blood-Hunters are pretty good looking, but my love, Hameal is incredibly gorgeous!

 Tabbruis:  Neal means that Blood-Hunters, in general, are good looking… (Rolling his eyes)


Emily:  I’m getting something of an undercurrent to this question?  Is there?

Dmitri:  Oh my… see my love, Emily, we are all good-looking to the ladies.  Yes, very much so. 

Thomas:  But we did not ask to be so good-looking… I guess it comes just natural?


 The MEN of the Castle Charmeine  

            Dmitri           Thomas             Tabbruis           Neal

Emily: (fanning myself with my notebook):   You all…  I mean are all Blood-Hunters good-looking?

Tabbruis:  Well women seem to be naturally attracted to us.


Emily (gets a drink of water… starting to get dizzy looking at these wowser men):  How could women not be attracted?

Neal (gruffly):  Do not look!

Thomas:  She is a human woman.  She cannot help but be attracted.  Neal, just because you are not attracted to her does not mean she cannot look.

Neal:  Well, I am certainly no woman’s eye candy!

Dmitri:  Oh my… (as he purrs to Emily)


Emily (trying to avoid Dmitri but loving every minute):  Have you had women falling over you before?

Tabbruis:  Many times… but I waited 8000 years for Charmeine, my love!

Thomas:  I… I am taking the fifth on that!

Dmitri:  Oh my!

Neal:  Never… Thank God!


12756856294JmmmlEmily (pulling my hair up and taking a big gulp of water):  Tabbruis, can you tell me your favorite past time at the Castle Charmeine?

Tabbruis: That is easy, spoiling my love, Charmeine.  We have two horses, Tristan and Isolde, which we ride and go down to our private beach.  (Tabbruis smiled in revelry)


sexy-couple-on-beach-sideEmily:  Private beach?

Dmitri:  The Castle Charmeine has a beach flanking its property on one side, so we ride out there every chance we get.

Neal:  Yes, Tabbruis and Charmeine are out there quite a lot.

Tabbruis:  I will have to admit that Charmeine and I love the beach.  I just want her to happy.  I love Charmeine so much…

Thomas, Dmitri and Neal:  We know!!!

Emily:  Well, on that thought, (wetting my lips down and fanning myself) I will end this lovely interview. 

It certainly has been fun interviewing the “MEN FROM CASTLE CHARMEINE!”




SEDITIOUS 4th book “The Light-Bearer Series” another 5 Star Review & Why I Wrote it!

We, or I mean writers, all started as readers . . .

John Quinlan

John Quinlan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first draw to reading was that I was fascinated by the Paranormal Romance. I’m sure my love for all things that are romance came from my ‘cookie-cutter’ image of my Prince Charming like in Sleeping Beauty.

However, the Paranormal came out of the feeling that there is something mystic out there in the universe.  I was born and raised Roman Catholic and went to Catholic school from K-12, so if you know anything about Catholicism, you know that transformation and God’s hand changes elements of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.

So, from early on, I know there were other forces out there of Good and Evil.  When I became a fully human being meaning as I grew up.  I learned about Eastern Philosophy and Good Karma and Bad Karma.  What I give out to the world, is given back to me.  If I sow Bad Karma. . . I am sure to get it back 10 fold.

4 Seditious Book CoverWhy did I write, Seditious, the fourth novel in “The Light-Bearer Series”?  Because believe it or not, I wanted Charmeine and Tabbruis, my star-crossed lovers, to come against what we normal folks deal with from time to time.

I wanted my hero and heroine to have troubles with trust, money, disloyalty, separation, redemption and most of all, forgiving someone you love who has hurt you without conditions or ultimatums.  It seemed that I needed to portray my super-human lovers as a regular husband and wife.

I finished three Young Adult  books, Charmeine, Mactus and Accendo before this and I thought I could make “The Light-Bearer Series” last forever if I wished.  There seemed to be endless manuscripts for my head to conjure up.

I had to reassess my work and how I was going to progress forward. I write Paranormal Romance, because I love to read it.  So, with that notion in hand, I am forging more of “The Light-Bearer Series” because it seems to come naturally to me.

The Characters have become a family to me.  From what I hear from people who read past the first novel is that they are family to them also.  Don’t take it from me, just see the reviews.

Now that my passion or past-time is making my readers happy, there are plenty more on the horizon.

Anything to do with love, particularly forbidden love, I will almost go backward trying to make it work as a writer. I can pick and choose my villains and make them twist and turn.

John Quinlan

John Quinlan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Believe it or not, I write from Tabbruis’ point of view a lot.  I love getting into his complicated, dark and broody Blood-Hunter mind.  The doubting hero’s viewpoint is much more interesting.

In addition, I hate making women in my novels weak. . . Damsel in Distress has been done.  It is time to see some Take Charge and Kick ‘em in the Ass Heroines and that is why Charmeine is sweet, kind and loving, but vicious and brutal when you mess with her family!


Here is another 5 star review of Seditious…

“Seditious” is the perfect title for this novel! Ms. Guido captured jealously, deceit, and restoration of love flawlessly. This novel shows a side to Tabbruis and Charmeine’s relationship which will throw any reader of “The Light-Bearer Series” off kilter. “Seditious” is the continuation of their romantic and turbulent love story and mission on Earth to battle Lucifer’s minions!

Life at the ‘Castle Charmeine’ is blissful until reality of the ruling the Elder Council of the Blood-Hunters causes decent.  This fourth novel also adds unexpected depth to both Tabbruis and Dmitri’s personalities, humanizing both men.

Lord Cromwell is a lethal Blood-Hunter who has escaped the Elder Council Prison. He sends his beautiful agent to cause destruction to those who live at the Castle Charmeine.

6704372_l (1)Bathsheba is a deadly, sexy, and vicious siren who threatens Charmeine and Baby Hunter. Not just with her present actions, but, with the past she shares with Tabbruis and Dmitri.

As Bathsheba lays injured, Tabbruis and Dmitri relive their agonizing and painful past with her. However, Charmeine is emotionally and physically threatened by Bathsheba and escapes to protect her unborn child.

This is the story of a family which works together to unravel Bathsheba’s deadly secrets. Just when you think they are in the clear, a more heinous and ominous villain waits in the wings to tear apart our ill-fated lovers, Charmeine and Tabbruis.

“Seditious” is a heart-wrenching and exciting story of passion, betrayal, and redemption you will not want to miss!

 By Polly Bennett, “The Light-Bearer Series” Reviewer



5 Star Review of my 4th Novel, SEDITIOUS soon to be released!!!!

Okay I’m bragging…

I know I shouldn’t

but I’m just tickled pink! 

The reviews are coming in


and the people who have read it,


W.h. (Lovetiggi) Nielson‘s review

May 25, 13

5 of 5 stars

bookshelves: arc-for-review, dark-fantasyemily-guido,favoritespnr-or-romance

Read from May 24 to 25, 2013

4 Seditious Book CoverI was given an e-copy of Seditious (The Light Bearer Series #4) by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank You Emily!!

Where to start? This installment has a lot of emotions woven through the words, betrayal, love, evil, hurt, faith, trust, and sensuality.

Charmeine and Tabbruis are going through so much as their LOVE for each other is diabolically tested. It threw me for a loop to read along as they went through the heartfelt scenes that were depicted so clearly. The twists and turns kept me up way into the night as I had to know what would happen next. The characters are awesome, personable, and lovable.

I adore this series. Why? Because it speaks to the hardcore romantic within me, it leaves the sensual scenes up to the readers imagination, and it so uniquely refreshing.

I recommend this series to all the YA Paranormal Readers out there. Go Get Ya Some!

5 out of 5 Hearts
Lovetiggi’s Book Reviews



SEDITIOUS is almost here! 4th Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

4 Seditious Book Cover

Down the corridor, Dmitri pulled Hera into a small study.

Deep inside her heart, Hera was still hurt. Even though she understood about how Bathsheba clouded his judgment, she could not understand how he could fall to pieces again. With this in mind, she most certainly did not want to be pulled anywhere by him. 

He closed the door, and immediately held her against his body so she could not leave his grasp. 

“Dmitri, release me now!” 

“I will not release you until you have forgiven me, Hera.” He bent down, and kissed her cheek.

“You have my forgiveness, now let me go!” she grumbled with clenched teeth.

“No, Hera…” he sighed with a lilt of shame. “I want you to forgive me,” and his eyes became pools of tears.

She could see his regret and offered, “Let your mind be finally at rest Dmitri. I believe you are truly sorry for your actions. I also believe you were tricked and deceived by Lucifer who sent the Witch.”

Suddenly, Hera hugged him as to hold his gorgeous body closer to her. With desperation, she pleaded, “My love, I ask your forgiveness too.”

“What?” He pulled away to look in her eyes. 

“For years Dmitri, I have harbored covetous jealousy toward you and Bathsheba. But, it was unfair to think you had any obligation to your deceased wife. You did not know I was in Heaven waiting to be released of my hold.”

“My lovely Hera, I understand. There is nothing to forgive,” he sighed as he shook his head.  

“That is exactly how I feel, Dmitri.” She threw herself into his embrace.

He held her close and wrapped his large arms around her tightly. Dmitri kissed her neck and whispered with a sexy tenor in his voice, “Hera, are you ready for this my dear?”

“No, but I will make do.” She looked away to avoid his eyes.

“When we get in there, do not hold back my love. Let me have it, as they say nowadays.” He took her face in his hands and growled with passion. “My divine Hera, I love you. As much as I regret my actions all those years ago, you can punish me until the end of time, and it will not take my shame away.”

“You should not carry that shame, Dmitri. Let it go. Release all the negative feelings you have. I love you, and I know you love me.” Tears streamed down Hera’s face.

He wiped each one as they fell.

Chania agora

Chania agora (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“When I was a little girl, my dreams were filled with images of you. When we stared at each other across the crowded Agora Market Square, I knew you were my soul mate.” She released the tie which tucked away his long hair, and ran her fingers through it. Her body responded in kind to his sexual charisma and held him closer.

“You saw me in your dreams before we met? I never knew that, Hera. You should have told me,” he uttered while he enjoyed her touch.

She wet her lips, looked up through her thick lashes and replied, “Dmitri, even though you were my soul mate, I did enjoy the chase.”

He closed his eyes and smiled with the pleasure that Hera loved him at first sight.

“Dmitri, it does not take a mathematician to know the equation: love, plus love, equals love.”


As he burned with passion, Dmitri took her face in his hands, and kissed her sweet lips. The kiss turned into an explosion of want and sexual need. He pushed her against the wall.

Hera moaned, gripped him harder, and burrowed her fingernails into his backbone to keep a close embrace on him. She surrounded her legs around his waist.

He growled with pleasure.

Their desire was in the air like a warm energy which passed through them. They liquefied against the wall of the study, almost to the point of no return. Breathless with passion, they pulled away from each other.

Portrait photo of a young women with black hai...

Portrait photo of a young women with black hair looking over her shoulder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Now, that is what I call a makeup kiss, Dmitri.” She saw his eyes had become blue pinpoints from want.

“Hera, after this duty is over, I will come to you, and as they say…” he took her hands, pushed them against the wall palms up as pink light pulsed through their bodies which made every part warm and stimulated, “…you have not seen anything yet.”

“Husband,” she whispered, “I will be waiting for you to come to me,” and winked at him. Hera took a big breath and advised, “Unless you want to explain to the children the facts of life, you better calm down.”

Again, they pulled away from each other hot with passion.

“I will always have the need to kiss you, to be near you, to love you, my beautiful wife.”

Hera took the tie and began to gather his hair back into a ponytail.

Dmitri smiled because it felt good to have her hands in his hair. “I will show you that you are my one and only love.” He kissed her again with softness. As he let go of her, he could see her body blush as she bit her lip in anticipation.


Oh my… I need a fan.

Is it hot in here?

SEDITIOUS is coming soon folks!

It is hot and adventure packed with betrayal and sedition.

One of my favorite novels in “The Light-Bearer Series”…

(okay, okay, they are all my favorites)


This trailer can give you a good idea of what to expect…

Castle Charmeine is a ROCKIN’


Bad News… from “SEDITIOUS” 4th Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido

4 Seditious Book Cover“I need to report to the Queen of Light and King of Darkness keeping order is impossible without an Elder Council and recruitment of Temple Guards,” he demanded with an ice-cold temperament. “We need leadership and authority or the whole system will fail. Humans will soon notice us, and it will be like the Crusades when no Blood-Hunter was safe.” 

“Oh my…. I am curious, why come here? Why not communicate by phone or Skype?” asked Dmitri.

“Please believe me,” the Head Guard replied, “I would not be here if I did not think it of necessary to provide escort to the Queen and King to Athens. Because of the lawlessness, their protection is important.”

Tabbruis stepped forward to speak.

However, Dmitri walked casually in the front, and shielded him while he inquired, “A show of power is needed?” He motioned for Tabbruis to back up.

“Yes, there will be a Blood-Hunter Assembly soon,” the Head Guard answered. “We need to see them now. That is all that we can tell you. The rest of our message is meant for them. Have we the pleasure of addressing the Queen or King?” as looked around at the family.

“Why not tell us all?” Tabbruis asked.

Dmitri turned and sent a telepathic look at him to keep out of it for now.


guarded (Photo credit:

“Because our business is with them!” the Head Guard grumbled in frustration with all the questions.

Neal, in his role as Protector, walked in front of Tabbruis and Dmitri. “I suggest you tell us all. We do not know your full purpose. This could be an entrapment. However, if it is,” he looked around at the family, “you are much outnumbered.” Neal flexed his huge arms and stretched his muscles and threw a precise threat to them. With a big smile, he flashed his fangs, “I could take on all of you, only leaving the scraps for my brothers and sisters to deal with.”

Everyone laughed except the Guards.

The Head Temple Guard’s eyes became round with fear.

As she hovered above, Charmeine could see they were afraid. She whispered, “Very good Neal. They came on our land, uninvited.”

The Guards began to murmur, and the Head Guard pleaded, “Please listen to me! We did not come here to threaten or harm them. We really….” He took a big breath. “We came to ask for their help and warn them.”

“What do you need to warn them about?” Dmitri asked.

“There will be a Blood-Hunter assembly on March 3rd. Mars will be at Opposition and the face of the planet will be fully illuminated,” the Head Guard replied.

“March 3rd is only a few days away,” Shane blurted out.

“Precisely, the Assembly has planned this meeting for years.” The Head Guard nodded, and wiped his face. “We were hoping the lawlessness could be dealt with and more recruits for Temple Guards could be garnered during this congress.” Then with a face of exhaustion, he sighed, “However, we cannot enforce order, if they do not come. The Elder Temple has to show there is a law-enforcement agency still in operation since,” then he looked down, “the murder of the Elder Council.”

The family began to step forward in anger.

Dmitri threw himself in front of them. “Easy now, let us not go off half-cocked. We need to hear what they have to say, though they do not know the truth!” He glared at the Guards with his fangs exposed.

“Blood-Hunters cannot be allowed to reveal our existence to Humans as we will all perish. The Elder Council kept order, and we need authority now!” the Guard shouted. “The Prophecy said the Queen of Light and King of Darkness shall bring harmony and justice to the Blood-Hunters.”

Tabbruis’ face was devoid of emotion because to do so would have made him breakdown with fear. “Without their show of strength, we have no hope of bringing order to the chaos. Is that not right?”

“Yes, and there is no time to waste!” the Head Guard shouted with hopeful eyes.  

“Not so fast.” A curious Sandra stepped through the crowd.

The Head Guard threw hateful glance toward her.

She folded her arms across her chest, and put all her weight on her back leg with one foot which tapped the ground and asked calmly, “Why?”

The Guards became angry a Light-Bearer spoke to them.

“Why send four Guards including you, the Head Guard, at a time of such vulnerability?” she probed. “Huh, what about it?”

“You dare question me Light-Bearer?” he yelled with a red face.

Sandra just smiled.

An IHOP restaurant in Poughkeepsie, New York

An IHOP restaurant in Poughkeepsie, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then, her countenance turned fierce. With clenched teeth, she chided, “Since you do not know if I am the Queen of Light or just any plain ‘ole Light-Bearer that can fry your ASS, I’m going to let that one comment pass. The next remark you make to disrespect me or any Light-Bearer, you will be on the menu at IHOP, as toast. Get it? Burnt to a crisp!”

She threw a warning shot of fire and blue lightning across the Guards igniting a bush and sent a boom of thunder in their ears.

“That’s my girl.” Charmeine quietly snickered. She loved Sandra’s spunk and bravado.


When I wrote the Character “Sandra” I fashioned her after my best girl friend.  

She is courageous, kind, loving but unlike Sandra in my book, she speaks her mind but quietly.  But she has a lot of maturity and backbone.  Backbone that I wish I had!  

“Sandra” in the book is like my gal-pal in that she is a beautiful Latino woman with backbone.  


Sandra Gomez my best girlfriend, I love you.  This video is for you!



<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

My deepest THANKS to those who Served America in the Armed Forces!

My Tribute to our courageous

men and women

who died for our country…



From “Seditious” 4th Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series”

“Wait a minute. I have to ask, Tabbruis.

You and Dmitri served in the American Army through the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, and Korea?”

Tabbruis’ head lowered and answered, “Yes, you see, Charmeine, Dmitri and I loved America and the values the Constitution of the United States afforded its citizens.

We live in Romania, but in our hearts, we feel like we are Americans because the sacrifice for freedom and honor is the greatest gift a man or woman can give to their fellow countrymen.”

She was in awe of the rich history and experiences he had.

Then, she thought how much death he had seen.



Characters of the Castle Charmeine in “The Light-Bearer Series”



Charmeine 1Charmeine Hunter (aka Charleen Davis):  Married to Tabbruis, Queen of the Light-Bearers – Throws white lightning, knows when someone tells a lie, flies extremely fast like a bullet, can make it hail, and hold people with her lightning. She is the owner of the Castle Charmeine.



Tabbruis Hunter:  Married to Charmeine, King of the Blood-Hunters – Super speed, can hypnotize, and is an expert in martial arts and sword-fighting.  He is an Administrator of the Castle Charmeine.


Simply+RedShane (Kelly) Hunter:  Son of Charmeine and Tabbruis – he is a Blood-Hunter and Light-Bearer Hybrid – Throws white lightning, can make it hail, and served in the US Army in Special Ops.


SandraSandra (Gomez) Hunter:  Married to Shane Hunter – Throws blue lightning and fire, tough, deadly strategist, served in the US Army in Special Ops.


DmitriDmitri Maximus:  Married to Hera – Blood-Hunter, very old and wise.  He is the Advisor and Administrator of the Castle Charmeine.


Rosemary McGrotha 7Hera Anastos Maximus:  Married to Dmitri – Light-Bearer – Throws pink lightning and wife of Dmitri and mother of Percival and Athena.


Tabbruis 29Percival Maximus: Older son of Dmitri and Hera – Light-Bearer – throws green lightning and can see glimpses of the future.


rbarry99Athena Maximus: Young daughter of Dmitri and Hera – Light-Bearer – throws yellow lightning and can see Auras which surround people.


jason-lewisThomas Daskolas: Son of the Evil Pascal, Head of the Elder Council – Blood-Hunter – Married to Laura, Blood-Hunter, and Deacon in the Catholic Church. He is the Spiritual Advisor of the Castle Charmeine.


lauren-ambrose-21Laura St. Claire: Married to Thomas – Light-Bearer – Throws purple lightning, Medical Doctor and Surgeon.  She runs the Hospital at the Castle Charmeine.


NealNeal Michaels (AKA Nemamiah Michaels):  Married to Hameal – Blood-Hunter  – Over seven feet, muscle-bound, strong, skilled in all military strategy, and fierce fighter. He is the Protector of the Castle Charmeine.


134122895122743525_fCnhM3Rv_fHameal Rahotep: Married to Neal – Light-Bearer – Throws red lightning, used to be a Blood-Hunter, builder, designer, very skilled in martial arts.  He is the Architect of the Castle Charmeine.


I love “The Light-Bearer Series”

When I write, it’s just me and my characters in my head.

Enjoy the day!



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