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Our races are sworn enemies of each other…

From MACTUS, 2nd Book in The Light-Bearer Series

tumblr_m5dzodppYc1r08eawo1_500“Our races are sworn enemies of each other. The Blood-Hunters and Light-Bearers are ancient rivals. However, Tab and I have a special relationship. We are not enemies. We are connected by love.” Charmeine explained to Shane.

Tabbruis looked at her with surprise and his lips curled with a smile.

Charmeine hung her head thinking maybe she shouldn’t have said it, but it was how she felt. She turned and gazed in his eyes. “Yes, I said love and meant it, Tab.”

glowing-handsSmiling wide now, Tabbruis lovingly took her hand, kissed it, and enfolded his hands over hers. White sparks encircled their hands.

Then Tabbruis looked at Shane and pulled a hand away. His heart became heavy with what he was about to say. “It is true. My race is called Blood-Hunters or Elders. The Elders are run by an Elder Council. They have a prison secured by Elder Temple Guards. We are supposed to track, hunt and kill Light-Bearers. They are the only threat we have on Earth. Since Charleen is a Light-Bearer, she was probably going to be captured and sent to the Elder Temple to be put to death on the Altar of Judgment.”

Charmeine realized what danger she had been in. Her body shuttered thinking about it.

Shane’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

“Furthermore, the Elder Council monitors and polices the Blood-Hunters to make sure they do not cross the line with Humans. It is a horrible thing. I loathe this war between our races. However, I cannot and will not hurt her. I want to protect and love her always.” He kissed her hand again.

imagesCAGAPA85“What in the Hell are you talking about, man?” Shane uttered.

Tabbruis hung his head in disgust. “I have no words to tell you how this angers me. To be with her is to be condemned by my race, the Blood-Hunters.” He looked at her with pure love in his eyes, “But it seems little price to pay to love her.”

She welled in tears. They fell across her checks as he swept them away.

Tabbruis grabbed her sparking hand and cupped it close to his heart.

“I knew you two were crazy for each other, but I had no idea.” Shane put his head in his hands. “I guess I believe you. But Man, this is a trip. In all the years I have known Char, she has never lied to me. I’m shocked. This is really out there.” He ran his hand over his half-shaven beard and sighed, “But nothing else can explain your blood loss and the way you are healed today, Tab.”


Shane is shocked!

What would you say if your best friend said they were a Supernatural?

I’m awed because Tabbruis and Charmeine know they can be put to death for loving each other.

Forbidden Love…

Lots of love, Emily


Much_too_sillyThe last thing you all want to read about is someone else’s personal silliness!

However, some of you are like my family and at the very least… maybe friends?

So here goes folks…


paraorganizarte_keepcalmI can’t have sugar.

Now, that is a given since most of you know I’ve lost 150 pounds last year.

It’s Holiday Time…



Bah Humbug!

The following restrictions are making me want to pull my hair out by the roots:

  • 6a00e54ee846608833019b00fd202d970cI don’t have a lot of time for cooking! I work full-time for a Fortune 500 company by New York City, and I’m on the road at least 3 hours a day battling traffic. Let’s face it, I’m a fast cook. If I can’t have it ready in 20-30 minutes, I don’t fix it.

  • I don’t have a lot of money to go buy tons of sugar-free desserts for everyone either.

I have several Holiday Parties to go to. Some hosts have said, “Oh, bring a sugar-free dessert, so we can all try.”

imageHuh…? Exsqueeze me? Baking Powder?

(A quote from one of my all time fav movies, Wayne’s World)

Besides grabbing an apple or clementine from my fruit bowl, I’m stumped.

simple041810What is a sugar-free, tasty, cheap, and very simple dessert to make – like kid simple?


I hate the internet at times because when I Google…

Darn if it brings up all sorts of yummy, fattening, and time-consuming recipes.


This is just silly, and a pet peeve, but it’s MY silliness and MY pet peeve.

Can we skip the Holidays and go right straight into spring?


When I was kid,

I used to listen to the Eagles in my back yard Dogwood Tree

with a transistor radio in one hand and a book in the other.

Love this song!

Enjoy!  Lots of love, Emily


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