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Author – the Good, Bad and the Ugly…

Today, I write this blog post after taking a while to re-boot.

I feel that I have been to Hell. A deep place in my soul that has me guessing who are my friends and my foes. My writing career has left me a bit worse for wear and hesitant.


I think the problems revolve around the criminals out there.  Not the criminals that rob banks, murder and generally are no good.  These criminals are faceless and just like you and me, except they don’t mind cyber-stealing.


6-1You create a alternate universe in your head.

You write.

You pour your heart out on the computer keyboard.

You stay up late giving up time with your family.

Making sacrifices.

You read, edit and write better drafts.

You pay a lot of money.  Your money you would have used on a vacation or day out with the family.

You pay for the ownership of this creation… like copyrights, LLC, editing, and book covers.

You trust most people and believe that they will do the right thing.

That’s when life was good and you hoped for many good things to come.


just_say_no_to_ebook_piracyThen you wake up one morning and see that your heart, your hard work, your investment of time and money has been pirated. Even worse, the edition that you had before the edit, is the one that has been pirated.

To put the frosting on the cake, so to speak, those people who took it, review the unedited version.

I have heard stories like this – a very famous Author, wrote a book in the continuation of a series that was very well received even the movie version. However, her unedited version got pirated and she stopped writing the series… She said that the piracy took her heart out of the series.  She said that she will never write another book in the series.


pubishingSo, I have been hit many times. This last time, I felt psychologically raped of my ideas and creation.

I am not afraid that my life as a writer is going to be harder. It’s just that I am jaded now.

I don’t trust ANYONE!

I’m asking the universal powers out there… why and how do you cope?

“Lots of love” is my sign-off line – I still wish that for all of you…


Because in my soul I believe and trust a higher power… KARMA. 

So, all I have to say is – cyber pirates may try –  but I know that they will NEVER steal my Sunshine!

Lots of love, Emily

Pay it Forward Friday with a Review of Legacy of Ghosts (#2 in Amaranthine Series) by Author Joleene Naylor

Legacy of Ghosts

Book 2

Amaranthine Series

by Author Joleene Naylor

81gQFslRa4L._SL1500_After reading the first novel of the Amaranthine Series, Shades of Gray, I started on novel two.

Again, the strange couple of Jorick and Katelina are in the middle of the fray with warring factions of Vampire covens.

Jorick has to save the life of Katelina after she was viciously attacked and seals their fate together in a very personal way.

An evil Vampiress and her coven come after Jorick, and he knows nothing will be settled until he can be rid of her vengeance.

However, because of bickering and untruthful followers, Katelina and Jorick have their job cut out for them.

How they will accomplish their freedom?

My thoughts

I immediately picked up book two, Legacy of Ghosts, right after I read the first novel, Shades of Gray.

I seem to have a fascination in learning more about Jorick and Katelina and why these two are together. However, the novel is so fast paced that I didn’t get much information on that subject.

Action, terror, and mystery are always around in Legacy of Ghosts. Ms Naylor writes in great detail.

Legacy_of_Ghosts__Kateesha_by_pandora_6666The evil Vampiress, Kateesha, is one vicious predator!

Many other interesting and truly terrifying characters are introduced in this book along with others from her first novel. Some, I found truly disconcerting but fascinating.

Katelina finds out some of Jorick’s deepest secrets and regrets. I want her to mature and grow wise in her role with Jorick.

However, Jorick’s motivations aren’t always clear, and Katelina sure doesn’t know how to handle that but to be suspicious.

Even at the end, I wanted to scream at Jorick and Katelina, “What’s going on? What’s your agenda?”

Ms. Naylor sure does know how to motivate a person to keep reading!

I highly recommend, Amaranthine Series by Author Joleene Nayor.

For all of this, I have to give this book a hearty 5 stars.

Definitely an 18+ read.



Amaranthine series:

Shades of Gray

Legacy of Ghosts

Ties of Blood 

Ashes of Deceit

Heart of the Raven

Children of Shadows

Amaranthine Special Editions

Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection

Other books:

101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire

DIY: How to Get a Cheap Cover for Your Book


front-coverClash of Legends, the seventh in the Amaranthine series, will be available March 31, 2015.

Pre-order your copy today at:
Apple iTunes


By the way Ms. Naylor’s Seventh Book in the Amaranthine Series, Clash of Legends is on presale.

Buy the whole series if you are a Vampire fan, it will be worth it!



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