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Pay it Forward Friday with Author Felipe Adan Lerma and his book, ONE NIGHT IN THE HILL COUNTRY!


One Night in the Hill Country med v3Synopsis


One Night in the Hill Country

By Felipe Adan Lerma

In One Night in the Hill Country, a suspense thriller, Sam (Samantha) takes four young cousins to the Texas Hill Country to search for a kitten, visit some vineyards, and enjoy a Saturday afternoon.

They encounter a mis-guided effort by brother and sister, Rolf and Tara, to use illegal immigrant children as bait to catch men who would abuse those children.

Cultures clash and mesh among the children, while the adults play for life and death.

Add note: While issues of abuse, immigration, and are integral to the story, emphasis is on trust and the meanings of family and friendship.

There is actually a nice alternation of action, suspense, humor, and tenderness.


My thoughts about Samantha

by Author Felipe Adan Lerma

Sam is a complex character. Just the fact that she uses her shortened name is reflective of that. She can be casual, and she can much more.

Her Uncle, she tells the young cousins involved in the stories with her, raised her and her brother from a young age. And calling her Sam, was his affectionate coping way of raising a female child.

She hasn’t married, or had children, but there’s no indication in the stories that she’s adverse to that. In fact, the stories of her youth she tells the six young Texas cousins she’s befriended, after helping them solve a robbery, indicate she had typical infatuations and affections.

And of course, she goes out of her way to remain friends with the six children. Taking them places, telling them stories.

So I think she’s still very much revealing herself to me. Sometimes I wish I knew everything there was about her, but she just winks and goes about her business.

I’ve no doubt she will keep surprising me – and I try and capture some of that (smiles).


adan at thompson park bridge DSCI4701Bio of Author Felipe Adan Lerma

I am a grandfather of five, dad of three, oldest of six, and have been married for 30+ years to a wonderful lady by the name of Sheila (smiles).

She and I are young seniors, and themes of family, the arts, and fitness, color nearly everything I write.

My reading interests for several years now, have veered toward mysteries, suspense, and thrillers. In my new novella, “One Night in the Hill Country,” I merge both my reading and creative interests.

In this particular work, as is my usual preference, much is suggested, without overt resort to graphic sex or violence. My wife says it’s my best work to-date. I hope you are able to give it a chance, and enjoy it also.


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With or without you . . . from ACCENDO, the 3rd book in The Light-Bearer Series by Emily Guido


tumblr_m5vx1cY0yQ1qlnm34o2_250 11“I am sorry, Charmeine, for so many things it is hard to express them all, but I am going to try.”

He took a big breath, and looked in her eyes. “I am sorry for not supporting you. I am sorry for not believing in you. I am sorry for not having faith in you. I am sorrym Charmeine. If you let me show you, for the rest of my life until the end of time, I will never doubt you again.”

“Tabbruis, I can’t do this now.”

“Please let me finish.” He gently held her chin, looked into her eyes and declared, “Charmeine you are my life. You are my light. If you go back to Long Island…”

blonde-girl-at-the-beach-0bce43314f93973413977acb3324aef41She walked to the terrace stone wall. “Tabbruis, it isn’t so easy putting Jack and Jill back together again. I really need to be alone.”

“Look at me this time, Charmeine. I have to say my peace, and I will leave.” He stood beside her.

She turned and faced him with her hands defiantly across her chest and sighed.

iAtC2afkODS6U“If you go back to Long Island, I will accept it, but let me go and be near you. Let me live close to you. I can buy any kind of house or apartment you wish for your own privacy. You do not need to see me, just let me be proximate to you, for you are the center of my Earth. God knows I cannot live without you. However, you will never have to lay your eyes on me. This is what I ask. Nevertheless, please forgive me, Charmeine. Forgive me enough to let me just be close to you. If you abandon me, I will not survive. Wherever you go, I will go with you.  Whatever you want, I will give it to you.”

He unfolded her arms and took her hands which sparked. He unclenched her fists and drew them up in front of them, palm to palm. Her sparks began to go up and down their bodies, enveloping them with light.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Tabbruis, do you remember the first time this happened? You were trying to convince me not to leave and sacrifice myself to the Elder Council.”

“Yes, I remember, my love.” He drew nearer to her. “I know you cannot lie to me. So answer me this, do you have the strength to be without me?”


I love the part where Tabbruis says that he just wants to be near Charmeine.

It brings a tear to my eye today.

So much love…


Enjoy the video, it’s another song that makes me shiver.

Lots of love, Emily


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