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FANGS and HEARTS Week featuring Author Nicole Hill and “LEGACY FORGOTTEN” The Avalon Legacies


My review of


The Avalon Legacies

This book is good, really good! “Legacy Forgotten” The Avalon Legacies by self-published author Nicole Hill was a delight to read!   I was pulled into the story from the first few pages. The author writes with such a common verve and vitality that it was like talking to a girlfriend of mine and she was explaining a story to me.

The heroine, Ailis, is tough on the outside and has the knock your socks off powers to prove it!  I love powerful women characters and she was one!  Being a half vampire, witch, and hard as nails detective, Ailis is drawn to her past only to find her family has secrets that have been hidden from her for a long time.

I loved, loved Kenneth!

What a twisted, messed up and downright awesome leading man/vampire! I enjoy and are addicted to flaws in characters like Kenneth, and then love comes to “bite” them into a different reality. Kenneth was drop-dead smexy! I really loved the way he was portrayed, and he sure kept my attention!

“Legacy Forgotten” The Avalon Legacies has action, passion, mystery, and most of all a wonderfully framed story! I was truly blown away by how the pacing moved and weaved. It kept me reading until early in the morning because I just couldn’t put it down.

The story line with the bad guy “Monolo” just came with so many twists and turns that I was saying to myself as I was reading it, “Now, that is cool!”

I love novels which are not all clean cut and clear. I love shockers and unexpected story lines!

Well, “Legacy Forgotten” The Avalon Legacies had it all!

The book has editing issues, however editing can be fixed, the underlying story and the action can’t. But this author, Nicole Hill, doesn’t need to do anything with the book!  It is outstanding in story and content, truly!

I am sure Nicole Hill has a bright future, and being a self-confessed “Vampire Connoisseur,” I will have to say “Legacy Forgotten” The Avalon Legacies will be one of my favorites.  I will go back and read again and again, it is just that good!

For content, story and just plain excitement, I give “Legacy Forgotten” The Avalon Legacies a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!  Great job by the author, Nicole Hill!


Character Interview with 

Kenneth and Ailis


Hey guys and welcome to Good Morning World. I’m Quinn and thanks for getting up extremely early with us in order to join us for this special Interview with Kenneth Nunez and Her Highness, Ailis, The Queen of Avalon!

Ailis: “Please Quinn, It’s just Ailis.”  

Quinn: “Ailis, Kenneth, It’s so nice to have you.”  

Kenneth and Ailis in unison: “Thank You for having us.”  

They look at each other and chuckle.  

Quinn: *Chuckles* “So everyone’s heard the story by now and if they haven’t, they need to bust out from under that rock and get with the program.” *Chuckles to herself.*

Español: Vista aerea de la población Taritari,...

Español: Vista aerea de la población Taritari, Juan Griego, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“So let’s skip that part right now and get to the obvious question on everyone’s mind right now. Why is it, we are up at 3:30 am for an interview? I was told it was because you had to get back to Avalon before sunlight. I thought you were Avalonian now, I thought the goddess fixed that.”

Kenneth: Clears his throat, “Oh yes. Quite fine as long as I’m in Avalon. Here there is not a lot of magic left and the goddess’ reach no longer extends this far. So when we cross over, we go back to what we were.”  

Quinn: “Oh I get it. So lets get back to the book. These events happened in what year?”

Ailis: “1989”  

Quinn: “Ailis, you were a homicide detective for MIA PD. How old were you?”

Ailis: “Almost 22 I think That’s right because I graduated the academy in 1990.”  

Quinn: “You excelled within the department pretty fast. Did you always have powers or were they a complete surprise?”

Ailis: “There were always certain things I could do with my grandmother. Running really fast, being able to shoot very well. Mental communication, invisibility, those sort of things.”  

Quinn: “I know, you probably get asked to go invisible but I’m not going to. Some would think it was TV magic anyway. Wouldn’t want you to waste any juice.” *Chuckle*

Ailis: *Chuckle* “Well thanks for that.”  

Quinn: “So Kenneth, you met Ailis because she was investigating a string of unsolved murders that you were committing. What do you have to say about that?”

Kenneth: Shifts in his chair for a few seconds before sitting up straight and pasting an all to appealingly innocent smile upon his face. “I have no idea what you mean.  He leans in and looks deeply into her eyes. “Ask the next question… Quinn.” He tells her in the greatest bedroom voice imitation she has ever heard.  

Quinn: *Rolls her eyes* “You can kill the theatrics. That crap doesn’t work on me.”

Ailis: Busted out laughing.

Cover of "Bad (Aerial Fiction)"

Kenneth: Sits back in his chair with a perplexed look  before glaring over at Ailis who is still rolling with laughter in her chair. “OK. Fine. I killed them but one was a serial rapist another was a child molester. SKUM!” he spat and shrugged his shoulders as if it was no big deal.  

Ailis: *Rolled her eyes* “Don’t bother 22 years and I still can’t get him to see that he did anything wrong.”   

Quinn: *Looks at the camera* “What do you think world? Did they deserve to die? Or should Kenneth have let the police do their job? Go to our website and vote now!”

Kenneth: *Rolled his eyes* “The police do their job? Yeah. OK. I’ll hold my breath.”  

Ailis: Pinches his thigh and glares at him.  

Kenneth: “OW! Sorrrry.”  *Rolls his eyes*  

Quinn: Chuckles. “OK guys. So I won’t go to far into the story but obviously, Ailis you have some very interesting ancestors who left you a nearly impossible honey do list.”

Ailis: *Snorts* “That’s the understatement of the century.”  

Kenneth: Reaches over and squeezes her hand.  

Quinn: “And what about this book; Legacy Forgotten? These events started happening in 1989. Why bring it all now? Also why this unknown nobody? If you were going to try to tell the world about the almost destruction and enslavement of our planet, why use this,… oh. whats her name?”  Flipped through some papers…”Nicole Hill?”

Ailis: “Nicole was a surprise to us to. I was given information that we were going to need to tell the world what happened and that I was going to need to watch for a seer to tell our story. That was five years ago. We wanted and waited. Searched and searched. Finally, not too long ago, I did a Google search for my first name and came across the amazon sales page for “Legacy Forgotten.”  Upon reading the description, I knew that we had finally found out seer.”  

Quinn: “So let me get this straight. She wrote your whole life story and she had never met you? How is that possible?”

Kenneth: “She’s quite remarkably talented and as a great many useful gifts. Ailis is quite fond of her.”  

Ailis: “Oh. I love her. She’s awesome. Strong willed, speaks her mind and takes no prisoners honest. The perfect person to write our story if there ever was one.”  

Quinn: “But still. If you could have anyone, Why not someone famous someone sure to get your story out there?”

Kenneth: “We did not chose Nicole.  Nicole did not chose us.  She was chose by a power higher than we could ever possibly fathom. It is not our place to question that choice.”  

Quinn: “OK. OK. Point taken. Now about the second book, which I’m told is in the collaboration stage, These events have happened as well. Correct?”

Kenneth: “That’s correct. These however are more recent events. I can’t tell you any specifics, Nikki would have my head if I let her cats out of any of their bags. Or whatever that crazy things she always says is.”  

Ailis: *Snickered* “It’s let the cat out of the bag. Dear”  You will have to forgive him Quinn. He’s older than God.”  

Kenneth: *Glared at Ailis* “I will get you back for that later. Wife”  

Ailis: Laughed right in his face.  

Quinn: “OK. So I’ve also heard talk that there may be more supernatural creature out there to worry about.”

Kenneth: “My you are well inf…”  

Ailis: Elbowed him.  

Kenneth: ” Oh. Sorry dear. Cats. Very cleaver Quinn. Nice try.”  

Quinn: “OK. OK. So lets talk about the Legacy she released a couple of weeks ago. She let that cats out after all.”

Quinn reads the Legacy Out loud for the audience:

The Vampire Deutsch: Der Vampir

The Vampire Deutsch: Der Vampir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Legacy Foretold 

When the two species have finally become one. The child must pass trial else all will be undone.  

Within a test of no small measure, The child will be given the choice of a treasure.  

The road may be dark and more than dreary, but the child must not stop no matter how weary.  

Be careful the deceiver that lies in wait, Wanting the child to consume the bait.  

Mind the Viper that stays at rest, Waiting for the chance to administer the test.  

The child must move forward ever mindful of the goal, Always trust in thyself and listen to thy soul. 

Quinn: “Wow guys. That’s totally cryptic.

Ailis: “I know that you hate cryptic.

Quinn: “Yes, I read the book and am one of your biggest fans by the way.”

Ailis: “Thanks.”  

Quinn: “How did you feel when you found this?”

Ailis: “Ugh! I hated it! I wanted to burn it and pretend that we never found it.”  

Quinn: “But you didn’t.”

Ailis: “No, might as well not throw away our only clue.”  

Quinn: “Now, the whole way through it keeps saying, The Child. You guys have two children am I right?”

Kenneth: “That’s correct. Morgaine or Karma as we call her, Is 22 and Ken is 19.”  

Quinn: “So can you tell me which one is ‘The Child?'”

Ailis: “No. Unfortunately, It would ruin Nikki’s plans. So your just going to have to wait and see.”  

Quinn: “Well seeing as we are running low on time, I will ask you a question that you have sidestepped a few times already and I would like an answer before you go. Why release the story now? Why tell the world after so many years? You have half the world who believe you and are grateful to you for what you did and the other half who think you are a couple of loons. Why do it?”

Kenneth: “Well, that part about half the people not believing us is exactly the reason we are doing this. And exactly the reason we came on your show today.   You see. As I said earlier, The goddess’ reach does not extend to earth. Avalon is for all intensive purposes, Another dimension. After we “Came out” so to speak last year, there were those in politics who demanded visits, just to make sure that earth was safe from us. It takes great power to keep the veil lifted. Power from both sides of the veil.”  

Ailis: “Unfortunately, There is not as much power on this side anymore. As people stopped believing in the power, It faded from your world. Very few humans still posses this power. If we can not create more power on this side of the veil, we will no longer be able to keep it open. We will have to separate Avalon from earth once more.”  

Quinn: “So that means no more visits from either side. Total blackout?”

Kenneth: “Exactly.”  

Ailis: “We just feel that earth lost Avalon once already and we really don’t want to see that happen again.”  

Quinn: “So what is it that you need from the world?”

Ailis: “We are asking that anyone with any powers contact the number at the bottom of the screen. We could really use all the help we could get in sustaining the stability of the gate. You can do this anonymously if you like as well.”

Quinn: “And that’s it? Your sure? There is nothing else you are not telling us?”

Kenneth: “We are telling you everything we have been told.”  

Quinn: “Are you sure the goddess has told you everything?”

Kenneth: “See that’s the thing about the goddess. She kinda works on a need to know basis.”  

Quinn: “And what about your seer? She can’t tell you anything?”

Ailis: “Nikki would love to be able to. But it is not within her authority to tell us all that she sees. She does try to warn us if she sees something bad but she can never go into details.”  

Quinn: “That seems frustrating. Well, I guess we’ll just have to trust you guys.”  She looks at the camera. “Well, you heard it here first world.   “To believe or not to believe. That is the question. Is the fate of the world now depending on weather or not we ” believe”?  Or is this just simply an attempt to keep the gate open to Earth? I guess we’ll wait and see.  For those few of you left out there that haven’t read Legacy Forgotten.  Check out the book at and be waiting for the second installment. I know I will be. Thanks for joining so early and I’ll see ya tomorrow at the regularly scheduled time of 8 am.”


This is for Ailis… 

Invading My Mind


Synopsis of 

“LEGACY FORGOTTEN” The Avalon Legacies

Vampyren, "The Vampire", by Edvard Munch

Vampyren, “The Vampire”, by Edvard Munch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ailis has spent her entire life pretending that she did not have powers. Her mother deemed them UN normal and therefore bad. Her grandmother spent the first years of Ailis’ life teaching her, preparing her for a great destiny. When her mother found out she moved them away from her grandmother and teacher. So she decided to spend her life on the side of law enforcement. Her only problem now is that she is pretty sure the serial murders her homicide unit is investigating are not being committed by a human.

In walks the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. What’s wrong with that? Ailis not only knows he is a vampire but she also knows he is the one who’s been draining child molesters and murderers and leaving an empty carcass for her to find.

During her investigation she unearths secrets about her families past that takes her back to Camelot to right a wrong that occurred hundreds of years ago. Can she trust this vampire to help her solve a mystery that could very well end up with her being life challenged herself?

Dangerously attractive vampire, Kenneth has been around long enough to know that there are no such things as coincidences.  That’s why, when he meets the undeniably strong willed homicide detective Ailis, he knows that there is a good explanation as to why she looks identical to his long dead fiancee. He just has to figure out what that would be.  It doesn’t take long for her to remind him that he has a heart and what it feels like when it is breaking. When his one hundred year nemesis shows up in Miami and tries to force Ailis to join him, he realizes that her powers are worth something to even the worst of his kind. He pledges to protect her from any danger as long as he is still breathing.

If those trying to keep her from fulfilling her destiny have anything to do about it, that won’t be long at all.


Author Bio

Nicole Hill was born and raised in a very small town and with not much else to do, she turned to reading. Nicole loved the escape that she found in the pages of the stories that she read.

At around the age of twelve Nicole started to write down some of her own to read to her brother and sister before bed. Around the same time, she became very interested in the tales of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay.  Nicole loved the way magic was so alive in the legends. She always lost herself entirely in the world of Merlin but always hated the way the legends ended. She was always left wondering why they were never given a chance to redeem themselves.

So five years ago, when Nicole was working at a call center and had loads of time between calls, she decided she wanted to finish their story. Her way. So here she is.

Legacy Forgotten is the first in the Avalon Legacies. Nicole’s way of fixing what she considered to be a great injustice. She hopes you enjoy their world as much as she has.

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