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Pay it Forward Friday with Author Joleene Naylor and her .99 Halloween Sale!

Some of my friends happen to be great Authors.

Joleene is one of them!  

The Halloween sale .99 each is an awesome buy!

Great reads and I recommend them highly!

Lots of love, Emily


all covers ebook

Amaranthine Series Synopsis:

Pulled into a world of darkness, Katelina’s fate becomes intertwined with that of Jorick, a dark, enigmatic vampire. To stay by his side, she must navigate intrigue, terror and bloodshed as they are drawn from one vampire war to another. Dreams of peace seem elusive, and complications abound in the form of mysterious vampires, old relics, and an ancient master. Join Katelina and Jorick in a world where vampires don’t sparkle and night is eternal.

“these books] are for adults… both the violence and the sex are not teenage stuff… and lurking behind the storyline is an adult theme.”

Steve Evans, author of Demented

“A dark PNR with ‘let me catch my breath’ action, a dark and violent vampire world and the “be still my heart” vampire Jorick… Joleene is a gifted writer. Her tight and vivid prose is a joy to read and the dialogue and situations the characters deal with are full of emotion”

Sharon S., reviewer for I Smell Sheep

halloween sale

A discussion with Jorick

Jorick: Greetings.  Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jorick and I’m a helpless victim in Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series. She’s been abusing me for six books (seven if you count her short story collection). How much can one vampire take before he snaps? How many times can I be irritated by an idiot, thwarted by some ridiculous twist or lose someone I love before it’s too much and I go over the edge?

That was a rhetorical question. *takes a deep breath*  Worse, that author just left everything hanging at the end of the sixth book! She just cuts it off and – wham! We’re all left in a mess of emotional turmoil! Why would she do that?

*Jo cuts in.* I’m sorry if you object to the end of Children of Shadows, but I had to cut the story off or it would have gone for another three-hundred pages!

Jorick: You could have just given it a happy ending and left it there.

Jo: Happy ending? Please! You’d be bored senseless if I did that! You’re the one who can’t keep your nose out of things. Someone starts a war, and they make a muck up of it, and you run in and sort it out, all while grumbling that you have no choice.

Jorick: You’re the one who forces me into those situations, to “keep things interesting”. I’m not the one who scrolls through the manuscript and says, “Gee, it really needs some violence here. Who can we kill and how can we kill them?”

Jo: Of course not, because that would mean you were involved in the story, rather than just along for the ride.

Jorick: Ride? More like a nightmare trip from hell! And that redheaded idiot is the leader of the arch demons!

Jo: Are you talking about Verchiel? Arch demon is pretty harsh.

Jorick: You’re right, it’s too much for him. He’s more like a toe biting minion. If you have to keep torturing Katelina and I, the least you could do is kill the redheaded idiot. You want me to participate? I’ll set the scene for you. The sky is dark and strewn with diamond stars. The sandy beach stretches into the distance and the dark ocean rolls in and out, the waves playing a rhythmic night symphony. Suddenly, from the shadows leaps a furious vampire. His dark eyes blaze and his heroic muscles bulge as he leaps on his red-haired prey and knocks him to the ground. With a single swift motion he-

Jo: Whoa, wait a minute. First of all, we are NOT killing Verchiel. Second of all – Heroic muscles? If I wrote that I’d be laughed out of the book business.

Jorick: I’ve read your…work. Heroic muscles is an improvement. And why can’t we kill him? He serves no purpose except to irritate me, harass Katelina, and try to create the hint of a love triangle, which we clearly don’t need. Katelina and I are perfectly happy together and he is nothing more than in irritant!

Jo: And there’s the truth. You’re jealous! You’re afraid he’s going to get his triangle. Or that he’s going to turn her. Or link her. You know, I actually thought about that.

Jorick: WHAT?!

Jo: *shrugs* It was a passing thought. You’d be surprised how many interesting ideas I have that I don’t do anything with. Like a Katelina/Kateesha scene I abandoned. That’s really the hard part of being the author. Everything you write is canon. It’s not like some fanfic writer who can do outlandish things and then walk away, no harm done.

Jorick: Then why don’t you go write fanfic and leave us alone?

Jo: I’ve thought about it. Not leaving you alone, but writing my own fanfics. I could post them under a fake name and have all kinds of fun. Think of all the things we could do! I could kill you one by one and have no repercussions! I could send Katelina on a wild weekend with Micah-

Jorick: WHAT? Are you insane? She would never-

Jo: Hello! That’s the point of fan fiction. Never mind. I have too many things to do to listen to you complain. I just stopped in to say hello to Emily. I should also thank her for putting up with you.

Jorick: You should thank her for putting up with you and your inane idea of a guest post. This was really the best you could do?

Jo: *waves her magic writer’s wand* *Jorick disappears* Goodbye Jorick! Thanks for playing! As I was saying, thanks so much for having us over today. Sorry that Jorick complained so much, but you know how he is. He wouldn’t be happy if I stabbed him in the heart with a new stake!

If you’d like to learn more about Jorick, Verchiel and the rest of the chaotic cast you can check out my blog at or my website at 

If you’d like to read Jorick and Katelina’s adventures, you can pick them up for only $.99 each until Halloween from:



Barnes & Noble:


joleene naylor 2BIO of Author Joleene Naylor:

Joleene Naylor is the author of the glitter-less Amaranthine series, a world where vampires aren’t for children. As a compliment to the novel series, she has also written several short stories, including the Vampire Morsels collection, and has plans for an Amaranthine Encyclopedia.

In her spare time, Joleene is a freelance book cover designer and for-fun photographer. She maintains several blogs full of odd ramblings, and occasionally updates her website at She and her husband live in Villisca, Iowa near the famous – and reportedly haunted – “axe murder” house. Though she enjoys the paranormal, she refuses to invite the ghosts for a visit. Between the cats, dogs, and turtles, her house is full enough.

all covers ebook

LIEBSTER AWARD – thank you . . .

Author Extraordinaire Author David Lee Summers has just nominated me for the Liebster Award.

liebster-award-mainHe is a Brilliant in being an accomplished Author and Astronomer. He is a scientist who studies celestial bodies such as black holes, moons, planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies, as well as Gamma-ray bursts and cosmic microwave background radiation. A related but distinct subject, cosmology, is concerned with studying the universe as a whole.

Go check his blog and most importantly, his books! Thank you David!  YOU ROCK!

Why do you blog?

I have learned that we are all connected; it is just that we don’t know each other yet. I want to know the amazing people in this media.

d651ea6dbcf90e27f1b86f09d01e05c6df73b326Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?

My favorite teacher was my Mother!  She taught me the most important lesson to BE KIND!  NO ONE IS BETTER THAN YOU and YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!

What is your favorite film?

Frank-Langella-DraculaOf course, it has to be the John Badham’s version of Dracula.  Yes, it was cheesy, but oh my . . . Frank Langella was at his prime good looks! I loved his hypnotic eyes and his hands were masterpieces that could direct symphonies!  Speaking of symphonies, John Williams wrote the best soundtrack ever!  The music added to the wonderful magnum opus of art!  As others wouldn’t think so, my version of art is different and this film was to me.  Call me crazy, but it was!  If you haven’t seen the film in a while, take another look at it.

water_waves_ocean_ripple_high_quality_animated_gifWhat is your favorite place you’ve visited and why?

I love the OCEAN – anywhere! Why? Because it makes me and my problems small in comparison to its majesty and vastness, I am humbled.

If given a choice, would you be a vampire? Why or why not?

I would love to be a vampire – oh my!  Why? To be an instrument of nature and have power to live many lives, would be a treasure to me.

dracula_book_cover_1902_doubleday_89What literary classic do you most want to read?

Oh well, you know . . . Brahms Stoker, Dracula. I’ve read about a hundred times! I have read Mary Shelley Wollstonecraft’s Frankenstein tons of times. Yes, I love the older horror writers. They are timeless, and I could read them over and over again.  One day, I biggest wish and hope is that someone out there enjoys The Light-Bearer Series like I enjoy those books!

If you could order anything to eat right now, what would it be?

WOW! I have lost 150 pounds to regain my health.  I haven’t had sugar in almost two years!  However, I don’t want sugar, if you can imagine that!  With my condition, I can’t eat a lot at a time. For once, I would love to have a Porterhouse Steak with a loaded baked potato, and eat it heartily!

Are you a day person or a night person?

Sort of both! I work during the day my job which pays the bills, and then I come home at night and play – writing my books or catching up reading the wonderful people’s post on the blogosphere!

What does writing mean to you?

034E V E R Y T H I N G!  I love letting the movie I have playing in my mind be typed out for people to read and enjoy! The art of writing is an outlet I treasure! It is my pleasure and joy to read and write. I know that people can get high on drugs . . . but lets just say this is my crack!

What’s your beverage of choice when writing?

I love, love, love COKE and COFFEE!  However, since I have been on a healthy trend trying to repair my body – I have been drinking Diet Cherry Zero and Green Tea. My characters get to eat or drink anything they want in The Light-Bearer Series, so I live through them!

What does this award mean to you?

We all love to tell other people about our work, hopes and dreams. I have given you a glimpse of mine!

wirbel01This Award is in the award is not meant to obligate anyone. It is intended as a tool to get to know others in the blogging community.  Someone you or your readers have never been exposed to. This lovely chance to spread the joy goes to:

  1. Paula Acton – lovely and inspirational person across the pond!

  2. Mendy Den Hollander – another person who inspires me, constantly and I love her!

  3. Wendy Lovetiggi – an Author who has given me a lot of good advice!

  4. Kristina Haecker This spunky gal has is always spot on with her reviews and I love reading them!

  5. Jen Dinn Jenn is a hot and spicy book reviewer of all sorts of paranormal activity.

The recommendations of this award are:

  • Thank your nominator and post a link to his/her blog.

  • Display the award on your blog.

  • Answer the 11 questions provided by the nominator.

  • Nominate 5-11 blogs.

  • Make up and post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

  • Post these rules on your blog.

  • Again, this Award does not obligate anyone. It is given in respect and love!

My questions to these lovely bloggers are:

  1. Why do you blog? Do you have a purpose to fulfill?

  2. What kinds of physical activity do you like and why?

  3. What medium of entertainment do you like?

  4. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

  5. Do you have a favorite meal?

  6. What piece of advice would you give to a new blogger?

  7. How did you choose the title of your blog?

  8. Who are your favorite Authors, Actors and/or Entertainers?

  9. If you had a year off to do anything, what would you do?

  10. What is a passion of yours?

  11. What does this award mean to you?


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