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You are not to blame…


snippet from


4th book

imagesCAEZV1C1As Charmeine smiled, she wiped away a tear. “Tabbruis, did you say earlier you keep making mistakes? How your intent is good and didn’t know if our problems existed because you were alone so long?”

“Yes, you did not answer, so I felt like you agreed with my comment.” Tabbruis lowered his eyes and nodded. His hands went into fists, and then he unclenched them as he ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

She shook her head, got up and sat on the edge of the chaise lounge. Charmeine touched his cheek, and sweetly divulged, “No, I don’t agree. Quite frankly, I feel like I’m the problem, Tabbruis.” She turned away from him, put her hand over her eyes and chuckled, “It’s very hard to be a wife, mother, sister, aunt, Angel, Queen of the Light-Bearers, and battle Lucifer’s followers all at the same time. A lot of lines get blurred.” She turned and looked into his deep green eyes. “But Tabbruis, you have a tendency of coddling and shielding me.”

“Charmeine, I only want you and our baby to be healthy and happy.”

“Tabbruis, women have been having babies ever since Adam and Eve were turned out of Eden,” she quipped with a smile.

Tabbruis and Charmeine 15Immediately, he sat up, held her face and declared, “On Earth . . . not my woman,” and he kissed her deeply.

She pulled away from him. “You are not to blame Tab . . .”

He drew her up to him like she was a ragdoll and kissed her harder. In desperation, he pleaded, “Oh God, all I want is you and Baby Hunter to be safe, protected and loved. I need to know that you and all of our family is secure and happy.” He kissed her with the worry he felt. Tabbruis ran his fingers through her long blonde hair and wrapped his arms tightly around her.

Tabbruis never wanted to let Charmeine go.


Quite possibly one of the most liberating and telling songs about me, especially!

Pay it Forward Friday with Author Cindy Koepp and her book, MINDSTORM Parley at Ologo

 It is always a pleasure to have such talented Authors on Pay it Forward Friday! Cindy’s book is awesome! It is a must on your TBR list!  

Lots of love, Emily


Synopsis of

MINDSTORM Parley at Ologo

front sanserifAlways an assistant, never the leader. Thomas McCrady is helping his partner with a peace treaty negotiation when a hostile telepath leads a group of locals in an attack on the meeting. After using his own psionic abilities to fight off the telepathic attacker, he teleports his partner back to the Haidar Space Station and promptly passes out. When he wakes up, he finds that his partner has died and a disabled psionic medicine specialist might be to blame.

The next morning, he learns that he is being sent out on another treaty negotiation, this time as the lead negotiator. A mysterious plague is killing off the two native races of the planet but has no effect on the humans working at a pharmaceutical company with corporate offices there. To find the truth about the plague, the Haidar Station magistrates are sending a doctor along, Dr. Calla Geisman, the same doctor Thomas blames for his partner’s death.

The situation is urgent, leaving no time for preparation, and the Terran pharmaceutical company that offered to help seems bent on sabotaging the negotiation in little, annoying ways. Worse, the two delegations can barely stand to be in the same room just like Thomas can stand to be around Calla.

He knows his prejudices are wrong, but her disability weakens her ability and reminds him of a drug dealer who tried to kill him seven years before. To survive the negotiations and forge peace between the warring natives, Thomas has to overcome his past and learn to trust his partner.


5 Star Review of

MINDSTORM Parley at Ologo

by Author Cindy Koepp

4thofjuly-1_e0Two telepathic people from Haidar are commissioned to help a troubled planet parlay for peace and in so doing find a war of their own.

Koepp certainly walks the tightrope of science fiction and fantasy in this exciting tale.

Not only does Mindstorm have an array of interesting creatures and a galaxy of unique planets that they inhabit, but the elaborate system of telepathy tunnels the reader into a fragile landscape of mind and emotion. An exciting journey into and through deep and interesting fictional characters.

An excellent read, Mindstorm: Parlay at Olgio brings humor in the midst of drama, and passion in the midst of prejudice. I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Snippet of

MINDSTORM Parley at Ologo

Angela reeled back as if she had been kicked in the head. Thomas tried to catch her, but his fingers brushed past the sleeve of her shirt. She hit the ground hard and stayed still.


The garden’s gate burst open a second later under the weight of several Cordilians. The first hit on his mental shield came a second after the gate fell. His protection wobbled but held. Gunshots echoed off the garden’s wall. Bits of rock from a planter struck his thigh.

He yelped and dove under the table, even though the thin wood would never stop a bullet or a blaster bolt. He clapped his hand over the wound. If he were lucky, the snipers wouldn’t see him.

Shrill screams split the air. The sense of pain and terror from the delegates sickened him. He could do nothing to help them directly, but if he could reach Angela, he could teleport them both home, get her to a doctor, and send back more experienced help for the delegations.

As he inched toward her, a female presence shoved against his shields. Thomas bolstered his defense and pushed her back.

dark_wolf_by_puma_z-d30atgjThe second attempt battered at his mental shield and bored through. Before he could reset his guard, his attacker thrust into his mind like a spear. Thomas clenched his eyes and focused inward.

You want a fight? You got one.

A dark, curvaceous image bearing a pair of fiery knives appeared in his mental perception. Her hand covered her mouth. “Ooo. That didn’t hurt, did it?”

Thomas mustered every scrap of power and focus he could pull together. “Not half as much as this will.”

His own personal image formed in the shape of a huge wolf. He launched himself at the shadow woman and tackled her, tearing into her with a mouth full of sharp teeth.


Bio of Author Cindy Koepp

Cindy Koepp head shotI’m one of those odd creatures who has an education from rival universities.  My degree in Wildlife Ecology came from Texas A&M University.  Then, a few years later, I went through teacher certification at the University of Texas at Austin. After 14 years of teaching in public schools, I’m headed back to school myself for a masters in adult learning. I fill the rest of my time working on writing projects and whistling tunes back and forth with a silly Timneh African Grey.

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