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“MACTUS” introducing Neal my fav character and GIVEAWAY

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securityjpg658fImmediately when they got off the elevator and stepped into the Lobby, Shane and Charmeine were taken aback.  They saw a massive security force there. In addition, there were three black Hummers along with a Police escort for the front and back.

“What’s going on Dad? Is President Obama staying here?” Shane asked with a perplexed half-smile.

Shane’s questions were cut short when Mr. Ferrell walked to them. “Mr. Hunter, everything has been arranged as required for your family’s safety.”

Tabbruis nodded with a serious look scanning the Lobby.  He handed Mr. Ferrell a package. “Mr. Ferrell, you have been extremely accommodating.  I have generously rewarded you.  I appreciate everything which you have done for me.  Please let me know if should need anything.  I am truly in your debt, my friend.”  Mr. Ferrell smiled and shook Tabbruis’ hand.

concierge_header_imageMr. Ferrell smiled wide, “May you and your family have a safe journey.  Please come and stay with us again, any time Mr. Hunter.  Your family is always welcome at the Ritz-Carlton.”

Just then a huge, gorgeous, African-American man came through the door of the Lobby.

Charmeine thought he must have been a security officer or guard of some sort, because he looked like he was at least 7 feet tall, probably more.  The Adonis was so well-built; she could see bulges of muscles under his jacket.  He was bald and wore sunglasses.

In a deep commanding voice, he smiled big and yelled, “Tabbruis!  Brother, how are you?”  He hugged Tabbruis and patted his back.

193232640232024704_mPX7rwUg_f“Good to see you, Brother!” Tabbruis smiled and gave him a tight hug in return.

The man bellowed, “It has been too many years, Tabbruis!” Then he looked around and said softly in a thick African accent, “Let us go now, and we will catch up when the danger is abated.  Would you please follow me Hunter Family?” He escorted them to the second black Hummer, and the door was slammed closed. The gigantic man spoke on his walkie-talkie in code.

Charmeine could not understand the code. But she figured the ‘all clear’ was sounded because the caravan started to move.  Her head was spinning.  However, when she looked at Shane and Tabbruis, it appeared they both knew the military lingo.

Once they were underway, the man smiled wide showing bright white teeth against his beautiful dark mocha skin, “Tabbruis, very nice to see you again, I would love to meet your family.”

“Neal, let me introduce you to my wife, Charmeine and my son, Shane.  This is my brother, Mr. Neal Michaels.”

Wife? Wife? Charmeine thought, and looked at Tabbruis with questioning eyes.

She heard a resounding deep voice say, “Pleasure Ma’am,” and she took her eyes away from Tabbruis. The man shook her hand while it disappeared into his big hand.

“Nice to meet you Shane,” Neal shook his hand.

“I will be in charge of your security from here on out,” Neal proudly and serious announced.  “I have served in many battles with Tabbruis. We met in 193 A.D.”  At that moment, he turned and looked out the window with a distressed face.  Then he turned back again to them and said, “I am from Africa around Cairo, Egypt. Tabbruis and I fought with the African born, Roman Emperor Septimus Severus, so the people could gain control of the corrupt empire.  Then with a look of sadness, he said, “But even before, Tabbruis has been my brother.  I consider it an honor to be your Protector.”

Dmitri“So, Brother… Dmitri sent you?” Tabbruis was scanning his brother’s face and offering thanks. He knew Dmitri was backing him up all the way from Romania. Once a Brother, always a Brother, he thought.

“Yes, he did. Dmitri thought I had particular skills in this kind of security. He sent me to assure your family’s safe passage from the Elder Council and Temple Guards… since I was one.”

Shane was alarmed and threw his arm over Charmeine. “Wait!  You are a Blood-Hunter Guard from the Elder Counsel  How can we trust that you won’t hurt Char?” 

Tabbruis opened his mouth to try to reassure Shane.

Neal sternly interjected, “I am a Blood-Hunter and an Elder; I also was a Temple Guard, but I have changed!  I do not partake in killing humans and Light-Bearers. I have a dear and good friend who is a Light-Bearer.”  Treating Shane like an insolent child, he harshly said, “You see, Shane, there are some Elders like your father; who are tolerant and accepting of others! There are Elders who believe the only way to exist on the Earth is in peace. We do not seek violence but harmony with the humans.  Listen to me… this is not the first time I have ever experienced a Blood-Hunter take a Light-Bearer for a mate…”

Neal’s eyes looked out the window, and he became solemn as he said, “But… the couple did not fare well. I am pledging my protection to your family so what happened to them does not happen to my brother, Tabbruis. You have my word of honor, Shane, Charmeine and Tabbruis. I will keep you safe.”


“Thank you, Neal.  I have missed you, Brother,” as Tabbruis patted him on his shoulder and smiled.

As they walked out, Tabbruis thought, All of us Brothers under one tiny castle in Romania… what will Charmeine think?


I love, love, love Neal.

Can’t say enough about him.

He is fierce as a lion and lovable as a teddy bear and most of all,

totally loyal.

Neal is the strength that I wish I had…

The Light-Bearer Series is not characters to me but emulations of what I wish we could ALL be!

Neal’s Song…

SEDITIOUS soon to be released, 4th Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido



Sunset at Galley Bay in Antigua, W.I

Sunset at Galley Bay in Antigua, W.I (Photo credit: Emilio Santacoloma)

Charmeine rented a private beach bungalow at the Galley Bay Hotel. She swam in the ocean and enjoyed the warm sun and water. Because it was so clear, she could see right to the ocean floor.

Her throat was parched and needed something to drink. She decided to come in for a rest, but hated to leave the water. To sit was a bit tricky because her belly had grown bigger, so she carefully lowered herself down on the blanket. Charmeine rubbed her belly as Baby Hunter turned inside because hunger panged throughout her body. She grabbed the water bottle and drank the liquid down in seconds.

Since she arrived in Antigua, Charmeine was lonely and hungry. She left the castle in a rush and did not take enough money. Because of Tabbruis’ wealth, she did not want to use a credit card. He would be able to track her down immediately, and she needed time to think. However, she barely had enough for rent on the bungalow, but not for much else.

As Charmeine dried herself, she thought about Tabbruis. In her heart, she wanted him and remembered the happy days they spent on the castle’s private beach in Romania. Softly, she muttered with tears welling in her eyes, “Tabbruis, you would have loved being here as much as we do. Am I right, Baby Hunter? Daddy would have loved this?”  

She felt the baby start to kick a lot. All of a sudden, she heard…

“I love being here with you, Charmeine, and Baby Hunter,” Tabbruis whispered.

gfd.gifShocked and slightly on guard… she pointed her electrified hands at Tabbruis ready to defend herself. In a strangely calm way she asked with emphasis, “Are you, or anyone else, here to hurt my baby or kidnap me?” 

“No, it is just me! I would never hurt you or Baby Hunter!” He regained his composure and confessed, “Please believe me, Charmeine. I came because I need to beg your forgiveness.” 

His eyes said it all; she knew he said the truth. 

Slowly, as if in a dream, Charmeine looked at Tabbruis’ body as the sun silhouetted it like he was an outer world being…an Angel. He was gorgeous. She could not help but rake her eyes over him. Tabbruis had a GQ Island outfit on with a tight t-shirt. She could see the muscles in his arms, chest and abs. He also had a pair of Banana Republic shorts on, which emphasized his powerful legs. His emerald eyes were in pinpoints with desire.

Her hands went down to the blanket to shift her weight.

He saw her adjust and pleaded, “Charmeine, do not run away from me. Please let me explain.”

“I’m not running anywhere,” she smirked. “I’m getting comfortable. If I stay in one position too long, I have to shift, because Baby Hunter will put pressure on whatever internal organ he or she is laying on.”

“May I touch…?” he asked, as he tentatively sat down beside her.

“Sure, Baby Hunter knows you are here, this is the most active he or she has been in days.”

Charmeine wore a swimming suit with a sports bra and boy shorts.

couple-mans-hand-on-pregn_ENWhen he touched her naked belly, it felt warm with lots of kicks from Baby Hunter.

She blushed with his touch and had to admit it felt good to have his strong hand on her.

“I think Baby Hunter is giving me high fives,” he described. He smiled and laughed, “I do not know how it is possible, but you have gotten bigger, Charmeine.”

“Oh, it’s possible,” she responded with a grin. “Unfortunately, I’ll get a lot bigger before Baby Hunter makes his or her appearance.”

“I have missed this,” his eyes brimmed with tears.

“You missed me getting beat up inside by my own child?” she laughed and laid back on the blanket to rest.

Tabbruis chuckled, laid on his side with one hand under his head. His other hand was on her belly. “No, I missed this, Charmeine. Talking to you, having my hand on Baby Hunter, and looking in your eyes. There is nowhere else I would like to be.” 

“I know you are telling me the truth. I see it in your eyes,” she sighed and gently confessed, “I have missed this too, Tabbruis.” 

He lit up with a smile and sighed with a far off look on his face.

“Why?” She studied his expression and asked, “Why are you smiling?”

“I am remembering one of the first times you called me, Tabbruis. It melted my heart when you said it sweetly like you did just now.”

Fondly she pouted and remembered, “Ah yes, it was back at the Ritz-Carlton, and you were angry because we had the same dream. I said you should call the ‘Dream Police’.” 

He started to laugh, and to his surprise, Baby Hunter jumped. “Did you feel that Charmeine?” 

“Are you nuts?” She grinned. “Are you mental? I feel everything.”

He began to laugh, and the baby jumped up and down again.

“Baby Hunter likes it when you laugh, just like…like me, Tabbruis.” She rubbed side of her belly.

He stretched out his fingers, took Charmeine’s hand and put it on top of Baby Hunter under his. To his amazement, tendrils of light danced around both of their hands.

She yawned and closed her eyes.


“Charmeine?” and saw she was asleep in an instant.

He looked at the light which surrounded his hand, and it became soft with an occasional glow. He was so happy to touch her again, tears streamed down his cheeks.

Tabbruis pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead and said in a soft voice, “Though I was far away, you were in my heart Charmeine. You will always be with me, because you are the light in my dark soul. I am lost without your love. I was such a stupid fool and need you to forgive me.”

She did not hear his declaration, but Tabbruis felt her heart skip a beat.


Ahh, well Seditious is really heating up

things between our star-crossed lovers,

Tabbruis and Charmeine

Real Forgiveness… 

We all need to do practice it.

It may hurt our wounds, but it cools our memory.

Lots of love, 



This is a Book Trailer of SEDITIOUS and RANSOM


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