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Pay It Forward featuring Author H. Day’s novel NEXT YOU: DESTINED FOR SOMETHING


Copy of DFS-FULL-Hi-ResSYNOPSIS of Next You: Destined for Something

In the last year of mandatory school each soon to be graduate takes a multitude of tests to efficiently funnel them into the right career. Personality profiles showing you to be low IQ, bigoted and prone to senseless violence really increase your chances of being denied.

Scores mean enough to tempt test takers to cheat using answer sets bought from sketchy characters.

You don’t always get what you pay for as Felix Dernoft discovers in Destined for… Something, a Next You novel.


My Review of Next You:Destined for Something 

I am fessing up to something that I shouldn’t reveal to my die hard Vampire buddies, but I am an avid Sci-Fi fan.

Angus H. Day writes a fascinating tale of a quirky hero Felix Dernoft! Ah yes, Felix, the really complex, hero of Next You: Destined for Something.

I have to give Mr. Day a pat on the back for the out right complexity in the novel. It required me to read things over and over again.  Next You: Destined for not a book that you can just gloss over, you have to really read it and digest it and in the end, the base story is what counted.

I was intrigued by the flashbacks. However, I was able to adapt and it was kind of nice to be treated as a Mr. Day only does.  Next You: Destined for Something had twists and turns in the story with Felix. There was Aliens and Adventure, but there was also Romance. Everything in the story was good because they were explained.

I had to grit my teeth because I was forced to close my Kindle after half Next You: Destined for Something was read. Because it had captured my attention. For sure the next morning I was up reading until I finished!

Okay, okay, I will go hide in my Sci-Fi closet again.  But you better bet the next book in the series will be in my Kindle!

Well done Mr. Day!  I recommend this book for readers who are “grab you by the shirt” readers, and I sure am glad I am part of that audience.

Awesome read with 5 out of 5 Stars!


Interview with Angus H. Day

How old were you when you wrote your first piece?

I was forty eight when I finished my first novel.

What was it, and in what genre?

Legacy of Daddy and Science Fiction is the larger of the boxes it inhabits.

What made you write it?

I ran out of excuses not to write it and everyone since.  Lots of persons would like to write a novel or produce a piece of artwork and never get around to it because they let negativity control their lives.  That is no way to live.

What have you written since then?

Next You Interstellar LLC, Having Nice Things, Utopian Estates and Destined for Something.

What was the inspiration for your current book?

Originally I wanted to create a Character that everyone would hate, reveling in that being suffering for being an ass all the time.  By chapter two I knew I couldn’t go through with that as it was an unworthy goal.  I like to write stories that I would like to read.  So Destined for Something became a story of change and growth for one Felix Dernoft with dystopian society, space opera, aliens and romance transforming the life of one all thought of as collateral damage into an epic journey.

Tell us a little about it, and where it’s available?

Felix Dernoft was an accident from conception.  Born during the time of the Writ of Exchange his mother’s life was spared since she had skills as an Astrogator and Felix was a ward of the Indianapolis Dome-state where he was raised through mandatory school in an at best indifferent system.  Not happy with the sewer worker career plan the state has in mind for him he begins to try different things to improve his lot.  As a B-strander he should never have amounted to much.  He rises above.   Destined for Something is available in print through Amazon and as an ebook through Amazon and everywhere Smashwords distributes.

Is there a particular place or setting where you get your writing ideas?

Everywhere is a place.  I’m an author and I can make that happen.  That is also my answer because my stories do not come from a particular place or setting but encompass ideas gleaned from a lifetime of reading and experience.

What made you choose either traditional or independent publishing?

I’m starting this late in life and I was determined that if I was going to make my work available to readers then the route should not include languishing on some persons slush pile, at best waiting for a middle person to deem the taste of the public ready.  Why would I willingly put someone else in charge of me?  I believe from being a consumer that the Big Five are running corporate models and not looking for good reads so it didn’t make any sense to wait on their leisure.  The last straw was that I took some advice from an author who writes media tie in novels in the traditional jungle.  He pointed me at Smashwords and explained why he would do it if he wasn’t currently contract bound.  The only caveat I would add to that is that by transitioning to Independent Publishing more doors open for your work and you share the promotion load.

If you had to choose the most important element in an author’s platform, what would it be?

Don’t make it pressure cooking work.  Gain moderate well crafted ground on your writing on a daily basis but cut it off after a couple of hours unless you are into a really happening roll.  If it isn’t fun to create, don’t expect the reader to enjoy it.

What mistakes have you made in regards to publishing and marketing your work, and what will you do differently in the future?

The biggest mistake I’ve made is probably my early attempts at covers.  I needed to accept that my contribution to this was the story and telling it.  Cover art sells books, inner matter quality hooks readers.  I’ve also had some editorial battles over story direction and have since determined what qualities I look for in an editor.

Do you have an idea for your next book?

At this time I’m midway through the writing process of a book I’m titling Native Heart.  It is the first of a four book mini-arc within the Next You Universe franchise.  The entire mini-arc is entitled Minus a Conscience.  Two operators for the Intersystem Alliance are sent to a planet in the Rakan empire to raise an indigenous force to cause problems for the Rakans.  These operators are not in human bodies and one of the two was cloned of the DNA soup made from a  mix of the most vile assassins for the previous three centuries.  Half the population of the planet Naif still embraces technology and the other half avoids it with a religious fervor.  How do you win that half over to your side?  Fasten your seat belt and start your engines.


Copy of ANGUS H. DAYBIO of Author Angus H. Day

I live in Fort Collins Colorado with my wife and son. My daughter has embarked on her career as a graphics designer. I’ve been an Infantryman, Swine Farmer, smattering of other trades and jobs and now I’m a manufacturing pharmaceutical chemist. What aspect of my life that is devoted to fitness favors swimming in open water which means I spend most of the year working out in a pool then hit the lakes when it warms up a bit. My wife Cheryl safety kayaks for me when we manage to make it work. One day when I was waiting on everybody else in the house to get off of the computer when it hit me. Start doing what I had wanted to do for the last thirty years, write science fiction stories. I’ve read extensively, experienced way more than a person is entitled to and I am a scientist. That being said, sometimes I just pull them out of my ass. The ability to picture a scene in my head helps, once I stop laughing uncontrollably for no reason.


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Angus H. Day

 April 23, 2013

Sci-Fi Fantasy

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PAY IT FORWARD SUNDAY Featuring “DARK SPACE” by Jasper T. Scott ONLY .99 cents TODAY!




by Jasper T. Scott

ON SALE TODAY for .99 cents!


Synopsis of “DARK SPACE”



Ten years ago the Sythians invaded the galaxy with one goal: to wipe out the human race.

THEY ARE HIDING Now the survivors are hiding in the last human sector of the galaxy: Dark Space—once a place of exile for criminals, now the last refuge of mankind.

THEY ARE ISOLATED The once galaxy-spanning Imperium of Star Systems is left guarding the gate which is the only way in or out of Dark Space—but not everyone is satisfied with their governance.

AND THEY ARE KILLING EACH OTHER Freelancer and ex-convict Ethan Ortane is on the run. He owes crime lord Alec Brondi 10,000 sols, and his ship is badly damaged. When Brondi catches up with him, he makes an offer Ethan can’t refuse.

Ethan must infiltrate and sabotage theValiant, the Imperial Star Systems Fleet carrier which stands guarding the entrance of Dark Space, and then his debt will be cleared.

While Ethan is still undecided about what he will do, he realizes that the Imperium has been lying and putting all of Dark Space at risk.

Now Brondi’s plan is starting to look like a necessary evil, but before Ethan can act on it, he discovers that the real plan was much more sinister than what he was told, and he will be lucky to escape the Valiant alive. . . .


Book Trailer of “DARK SPACE”


5.0 out of 5 stars 

 A fast-paced space opera with shades of Battlestar Galactica  

The novel starts off setting up a lawless distopian society where the government is too weak to effectively control the darker sides of human nature. Life is cheap and organized crime has a free hand. A poignant critique of libertarian style hands-off government in my humble opinion.

Galaxies are so large that stars can be consid...

Even with humanity having being nearly wiped from the galaxy, humans are still unable to unite in common purpose and instead waste their precious few resources jockeying for power. The protagonist is soon drawn unwillingly into the middle of this power struggle and a grave moral dilemma.

The plot develops and twists along quickly in an enthralling read and the universe is developed well with enough tantalizing hints of the larger picture to think that there could be a fascinating sci-fi series develop out of it.

It’s the best Scott novel yet, and I really hope the author follows up with a sequel.



How old were you when you wrote your first piece?

I was 21 when it was finished.

What was it, and in what genre? 

It was a Romance / Drama, but unfortunately the publisher would like me to keep the title under wraps for now (it’s part of a series that’s soon to be published).

What made you write it?

It was my family’s story, so it’s based on a true story, and being a new author without much experience, I felt like the real events gave me some structure to fall back on and help guide the writing process. I also thought it made a good story and deserved to be told.

What have you written since then? 

I have since written the next 5 books in the series of which that book is a part, as well as my current 3 science fiction novels, Escape, Mrythdom, and Dark Space (and one other that I may or may not decide to polish and publish).

space-hd-space-hd-1-lubpedia-is-all-aboutWhat was the inspiration for your current book?

The inspiration for my current book . . . I would say reader responses to my first reasonable success (Escape). I wanted to write something in a similar vein, but shorter, tighter, better-edited, and overall a more professional quality.

Tell us a little about it, and where it’s available? 

Dark Space is a character-driven Space Opera. Humanity was all but wiped out by an invasion from a neighboring galaxy and now they are hiding in a sector of space that was once home only to exiled criminals. These same criminals are now threatening to overwhelm what little order remains, and our main character, Ethan, finds himself thrust into the middle of this struggle when a notorious crime lord captures his copilot and uses her to manipulate him.

Is there a particular place or setting where you get your writing ideas?

Sitting on the couch, reading someone else’s work, I soak up all the stray bits of inspiration trapped between the lines.

What made you choose either traditional or independent publishing?

Independent publishing was my first choice, mostly because I noticed that traditional publishers and book stores are going bankrupt—and fast. The big six might last a while, but if they don’t adapt, we’ll soon see the end of them, too.

SunRiseIf you had to choose the most important element in an author’s platform, what would it be?

Marketing. Obviously your book needs to be well-written and edited, but I’ve seen pure garbage sell like it’s written in gold ink, and there’s only one reason for that. If you can get marketing right, you can sell anything. If you can get the writing and the marketing right, you’re destined to be famous.

What mistakes have you made in regards to publishing and marketing your work, and what will you do differently in the future?

I made the mistake of writing long books and not editing or marketing enough. Despite this I found some reasonable success, and now with those obstacles removed, I’m becoming famous faster than you can say–

Do you have an idea for your next book?

Dark Space 2. It’s the sequel to my best-selling work, so it’s a logical next project, and it’ll be even better than the first!



Science Fiction, Fantasy & Mystery Novelist

Jasper T. Scott is the author of more than seven novels, written across various genres. He has been writing for more than seven years, but his abiding passion has always been to write science fiction and fantasy. As an avid fan of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, Jasper Scott aspires to create his own worlds to someday capture the hearts and minds of his readers as thoroughly as these franchises have.

Jasper writes his books from a sunny paradise and offers his sincerest apologies for his long absence from the rat race, but to all the noble warriors who venture out daily into the wintry cold on their way to work or school, he sends his regards: you are braver than he.


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