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Pay It Forward Friday with biting Author Sheron Parris and her book “A NIGHT OF FRIVOLITY”

tumblr_mlgai8BvY11rj11wgo1_1280AUTHOR SHERON PARRIS

Vampiric Short Story 

“A Night of Frivolity” 


When the daring Miss Clarke enters a gentlemen’s club in London on one cold day in January, the year 1714, she is met with a most cunning vampire who would only see her his before the night is through.

With several onlookers, unwanted solicitations, and the watching dark eyes of the mysterious Alexander upon her, Miss Patricia Clarke is forced before long to decide whether her desired night of frowned-upon fun is worth the trouble…and the blood…in A NIGHT OF FRIVOLITY.



“A Night of Frivolity”

 Truthfully, I don’t liken myself a fan of Anne Rice or even much period piece literature, so I went into this short story with mixed feelings. That being said, having finished the story – I have to say, I was impressed. Despite not being a fan of the genre, S.C. Parris still managed to captivate me with the style and prose of which it was written and delivered a really good and interesting tale. I’m not going to delve much into the storyline since it is a new release and I’m not looking to spoil, but I have to give props to anyone who can get me fully invested in a story, regardless of how long or short, in spite of having a pre-conceived stance on the genre of which it happens to reside. ANoF is a worthwhile read, not just for horror fans, but for readers in general. I recommend.



To start things off, how about you introduce yourself to readers who many not be familiar?

“I’m Sheron Sylvestre (pen name S.C. Parris), I live on Long Island with my family and my Siberian Husky. I’ve written stories and poems for as long as I can remember, had half-starts with stories when I was younger, and had a poem published in a book of students’ poetry in middle school. I’ve explored many avenues of art, such as drawing and the like, but the things that have stayed with me have been writing (books, poems, screenplays), and acting. I guess I’m just drawn to the written word – or at least story-telling.”

Who would you cite as your primary influences?

“Edgar Allan Poe jump-started my love of writing. His macabre, grim, yet beautiful way of penning a horror story/poem reached my adolescent heart in ways I didn’t even realize would influence me so directly. J.K. Rowling is, of course, another inspiration of mine as I’ve read her books since my mother pushed the first Harry Potter in my hands and told me it was okay to read. I believe it’s Misses Rowling that’s really inspired me to set aside the short stories and poems and delve into full-length stories. I also pick up bits and pieces from all authors’ works I read, far too many to name, of course.”

Why don’t you tell us, without spoiling anything, what your short story is about?

“A woman with a head for rebellion meets her match in a strange man on a night out in town.”

You actively chose to set the story in the 1700s. What was it about that era that you found so appealing?

“Ah, I’ve always been drawn to the cobble-stoned streets, gas-lit lamps, and horse drawn carriages that marked that period. There was always something magical about it and I guess I find it somehow easier to draw upon the world and characters that live (and thrive) in that time. I have been called an “old soul” by many.”

Recently the whole ‘vampire’ genre has undergone a complete makeover as a result of the Twilight series, and I think a lot would argue for the worse. Where do you stand on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series?

“I read New Moon first without knowing it was part of a series and there were many times that I literally threw the book across the room – I’m obviously not a fan of what Mrs. Meyer has “done” to the vampire genre. […] I believe that she hasn’t really done anything to the vampire genre – only put her own bizarre twist on these creatures and called them ‘vampire’. Regardless, there is something enigmatic about vampires, about the burdens they face, their lust for something they cannot possess freely – it’s all fascinating to me and it always has been. (My mother confessed to watching tons of vampire movies while I was still in the womb.)”

Where do you think your interest stemmed from?

“I believe my first (memorable) encounter with vampires was in the movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – I was equal parts horrified and enamored with the creature that wrapped so many around his long finger. The lore has stayed with me ever since.”

In your opinion, what do you consider the greatest vampire story ever told?

“As I’m not yet finished reading the original novel of Dracula by the one and only Bram Stoker, I can’t count it as one of the greatest ever told, though it sure is shaping up that way. Of all the vampire novels I’ve read and movies I’ve seen, I’m hard pressed to name one that’s stood out to me as the greatest ever told. If movies are allowed in this, I would say the movie adaptation of Interview with the Vampire has stuck with me as a great vampire story, though I haven’t read the original novel so I’m not certain how much weight that holds.”

Do you have any other writing projects coming up? What other genres do you like to explore?

“I have many. I’ve self-published two vampire/fantasy novels (The Dark World & The Immortal’s Guide) in the past two years and I’ve three more in that series due out soon. Besides those, I’ve many other projects lined up to be completed either this year or within the next two. One of those being a paranormal romance set in modern times currently entitled ‘Judgment’ and another that will be the start of a new series, a purely fantasy/adventure novel set around an assassin/mercenary and his band of hired men as they go around their deceptive world, doing the most untouchable work for the highest pay.”





About Author Sheron Parris

Author of The Dark World, and The Immortal’s Guide.

Vampiric Short Story, “A Night of Frivolity” set to be released, April 18th, 2013, from Before Sunrise Press.

She lives at home with her family and Siberian Husky, and attends college when not working and writing books.

*Other Pen Name for Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy/Contemporary/FictionSheron Parris.





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Pay it Forward Friday – Featuring a Hot and New Author and FREE BOOK TODAY on Smashwords

Friday Featuring….

Today I’m giving you all a spicy treat.  Introducing a very new Author Sapphire Kande of “Molly’s Sexual Curse”

She is offering it FREE TODAY on Smashwords!



“Molly’s Curse” by Sapphire Kande is one fireworks of a short erotic story. I love the cover!

This is a very short read. However, I loved the mysticism!

Also, the characters are very well-defined for a short story.

Kande makes each scene, each seduction so very special.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was very hooked from the beginning.

If you want a smexy little Paranormal romp into erotica, this would be it.

For this, and so much more, I give “Molly’s Sexual Curse” by Sapphire Kande FIVE STARS!


Interview with Sapphire Kande

How old were you when you wrote your first piece?

What was it, and in what genre?
A fanfiction story. romance

What made you write it? 
I didn’t like how the show made the characters so I re wrote it. Then I was making up my own stories with those characters and realized that I should be making real stories outside of fanfiction. I really enjoy writing.

Tell us a little about it, and where it’s available.
A witch’s curse placed on Molly and she has to learn to live with it with the help of her new friend Tristan.

You can find it here: Smashwords I Amazon

Who designed your current book cover for “Molly’s Curse”? It is awesome! 
Erin Dameron-Hill!   Thank you!

Is there a particular place or setting where you get your writing ideas like kitchen table, living room or office?
To be honest, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve been in the car and had to write down ideas on a stray napkin so I don’t forget. A big thing for me is that I gotta have my music on! Always! It can be any kind of music really, it helps me tune out of the rest of the world and focus on my writing.

How are you marketing “Molly’s Curse” and what will you do differently in the future?
Facebook  Twitter, and Amazon. It’s simple… just be kind and help others and they will help you back. Supporting friends. It’s karma guys, share others things and they will share for you!

Do you have an idea for your next book?
I’m working on a book called Picture Perfect. It’s going to be about a photographer who meets her model and… you have to wait and see  It’s going to be a contemporary romance.


9570_146248315553861_94706349_nBio of Sapphire Kande

I work as a senior portrait photographer and a graphic designer.

I’m also a college student who loves zombies, vampires, and werewolves.

Anything supernatural I am drawn to along with Starbucks frapes!

I spend my free time watching The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.



Smashwords Link for

“Molly’s Sexual Curse”

by Sapphire Kande

Smashwords FREE Code: NV72J


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