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FANGS and HEARTS week featuring Joleene Naylor Author of “Vampire Morsels”




Author Joleene Naylor to


I have the delight of featuring “Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection” by Vampire Author Joleene Naylor!

She is an artist, blogger, author and friend!

I am tickled pink to feature her and her wonderful book today.


My review of

“Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection”

by Joleene Naylor

This novel is a collection of seventeen stories about vampires in the world of Amaranthine. “Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection” relates to her other books, “Shades of Gray,” “Legacy of Ghosts,” “Ties of Blood,” and “Ashes of Deceit.” 

Each short story is about a character from her other books. Sometimes showing insight into how these vampires were formed and inner most thoughts.

The book was well-planned and very easy to read.

This is an Adult read.

Ms. Naylor gives you the exact book the character is from and what year and country each story is taking place in.

My Thoughts

Each character’s story was sometimes emotional and shocking. The villains were hard to pick out but that is because some of the stories were about such flawed characters. Something I loved and was shocked about.

I cannot go into depth about each character’s story in “Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection” but I will have to say you will be wetting your lips to read the other books. These snippets have made me hunger to read the other books because they were so captivating.

One particular story about Claudius, I wanted to read before his story and after his story in the worst way.

I was drawn in, in the first few pages of “Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection”. Ms. Naylor delivers action-packed, fast-paced tales of vampirism. Some of the stories crisscross each other which I thought was so great.

I usually don’t like short story collections per se, but I have to recommend this collection highly.

For this and so much more, I have to give “Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection” by Joleene Naylor an enthusiastic five-star review.


Interview with Joleene Naylor

WELCOME Joleene! 

Please share about “Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection”and the series which it is spurned from.

Thanks so much for having me, and for your kind review!

The Amaranthine universe is a place where vampires aren’t shiny. They don’t go to high school and pine; they fight wars, kill both humans and one another, growl, snarl and burn to ash in the sunlight. The main series is told through the eyes of Katelina, a human woman in her mid-twenties (though it never says, I imagine her to be about 25) who gets dragged into this vampire world and falls in love with Jorick, the quintessential black haired, dark eyed vampire. But, unlike the usual sigh and die and always say the right things kind of guy, Jorick is a little more… realistic. The Amaranthine books follow his and Katelina’s adventures and each one takes both her and the reader deeper into the realm of night and blood.


Who are your favorite authors and why?

I have a lot of favorite authors, so I’ll just name the first ones that pop in my head. There are the staples; Poe and VC Andrews because both could make anything seem macabre. VC Andrews had an especial knack for contrast; the sweet cherub children, the colorful paper flowers in the attic, the darkness that was really going on. Tolkien makes the list, of course, with his fantastic universe – so many layers and characters and history! Stephannie Beman who writes amazingly hot mythological romances, Barbara Tarn who has a super expansive fantasy universe, and right now I’m reading DM Yate’s first book Always, which is excellent. Okay, I’ll stop there, but I could go on for pages.


The wonderful vignettes of “Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection” are so different what was the thought process behind it?

Winterfell Amaranthine

Winterfell Amaranthine (Photo credit: Ramona.Forcella)

When I started to prep my notes to write the third book, I noticed several characters that had made short appearances, but really deserved more. Character exploration is my favorite part of writing, and I really wanted a chance to see what some of these vampires had been through. Each story reads a little different because each character has a different voice. Jesslynn’s story is far more formal in the writing style and the word choices than, say, Troy’s, which has a LOT of obscenities in it.


If someone else wrote a blurb about what “Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection” what would it say?

Ha! I wish they would, I bet it would be better than mine! Blurb writing is not my strong point. ;)

For me, my ‘support crew’ is paramount; did you have a lot of help and guidance while you wrote this collection?

The morsels beta crew is sort of hodge podge because I wrote the stories so slowly. Different people looked over different stories, but after I put it all together I had three beta readers go over it. All of the help was so, so important, as they caught things I had missed – sometimes big things!


Why are you drawn to be a great Author of Paranormal? Why Vampires especially?

My mom is a lover of the macabre and morbid (She plans her funeral for fun), so I was raised with vampires and murder television shows and all of that as normal. It wasn’t really a conscious choice to write vampires, as in I sat down and thought it through and studied market trends. I wrote the first book in 2005 for NaNoWriMo and I just took the basis of a vampire character I’d created for another project, renamed him Jorick and dropped him in. Of course, he ended up to be a different personality.

I love this question because you never know what you will come up with… what is a random fact about yourself that would surprise your fans and our readers?

Though I’m a blood thirsty author, in real life I don’t even like to kill bugs – in fact I even save the flies that land in the dog’s water dish and put them on a towel to dry out. Since there’s been way more flies than usual this year, we have kind of a small herd. Hubby wants to get fly strips, but I’ve bought a “bug vacuum” so I can catch them and let them go outside, though it’s harder to catch them than you’d think!  Maybe because I’m not very coordinated.


If you could live during any period in time, when would it be and who would you be?

Victorian Mansion - Idlewild

Victorian Mansion – Idlewild (Photo credit: blmiers2)

I’m too in love with modern conveniences to love anywhere else, but I’d like to make some day trips. Victorian England would be fun, Feudal Japan, a quick trip on the Titanic (though we’d have to ship out before that last bit) and maybe a stop at Pompeii before Vesuvius erupts… the sad thing is I am too egotistical to be anyone but myself.


Do you have a day job?

I also make book covers and do formatting for other authors, though I’ve stopped taking new clients recently unless they are referrals because of the time constraints.


Any advice or news which you like to share with our readers/authors?

All free frontiers are finite; they’re only frontiers until they get settled and populated, and then people start to make rules and laws. They start to pick and choose who can do what, and who can be what and, before long, the frontier is “civilized” and no different from the traditional towns the frontiersmen moved to get away from. Self-publishing is a frontier and, like the Wild West, it won’t last forever. I really think we’re going to see more restrictions imposed on who can publish and what they can publish – more gatekeepers and vetters – all added under the guise of quality control. Readers and fellow authors will cheer for it, just like those frontiersmen did, and one day they’ll look around and realize all the gatekeeping they instituted to stop the “not good enough people” are now stopping them, too. So, if you want to join the not-so-new revolution, I suggest you do it soon.

Excuse the pun, but any “morsels” you can share with us about future books coming out?

Imperium (song)

Imperium (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right now I’m writing book 5 in the series, Heart of the Raven, and I *hope* to have it out this winter. It continues the story from Ashes of Deceit. I don’t want to give too much away, but Jorick and Katelina have to go to Munich, Germany to talk to the council who is in charge of all the vampires. Of course, things don’t work out the way they plan.

Patrick: A Prequel is back from most of the betas but I don’t think I’ll be able to get to it until January. And, as for more short stories, once I get book 5 squared away, I plan to run a poll and see what the readers would be the most interested in. I think reader participation is so much fun!


This song and video was made

to go with

“Vampire Morsels: Short Story Collection”


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Joleene has decided to give one ebook of “Vampire Morsels” to a lucky winner.

What would YOUR vampire look like?

Please respond with email address.


I want to sincerely thank Joleene Naylor

for taking the time out to be a guest

on FANGS and HEARTS week.  

She has been patiently waiting for me

to recover from Hurricane Sandy!


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