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What’s Up? Is this . . . me?

Me a littleOkay, granted this is a personal post

I wanted to let my friends know what was happening . . .


I’m down 60 pounds with 73 pounds to go.

This being said, all sorts of stuff is hitting the fan.

downloadFirst, same old problem of getting my 80 grams of protein down. But I have found a GNC product that I am able to tolerate pretty well, GNC Lean Shake. It tastes at the very least, tolerable and it’s chuck full of protein with only 170 calories.

Now, I have been saved by my friend in my Gastric Bypass Support group, she has given me a truck load of clothes that I can wear since I have gone from a size 30 to 18.  My other clothes were hanging off of me.  With the new and stylish clothes, I have a renewed a fashion interest.

I have begun to put on wear contact and put on makeup everyday and dress in her beautiful donated clothes.  When I get to little for them.  I will donate them to another person in my group.

However, with that being said, I have now come to the ugly part of this process.


fat . . .

and never going to be able to lose that image.

The one, I still see in the mirror.

That particular feeling sucks because you put your body through hell to make yourself healthy, but your MIND is still unhealthy.

body_imageNot only is your mind saying, “NEVER will you be healthy, pretty, happy with yourself.”

It still wants all the things that your body will never be able to tolerate!  For instance, I will never be able to tolerate sitting on a Sunday afternoon watching NFL Football and enjoy beer and my famous ‘Death by Nachos’!

OR Drink a gallon of coffee before going to work to wake me up after writing all night. (That was the only way I wrote Seditious and Ransom  . . . coffee infusions)

OR tolerate making my wonderful homemade spaghetti or chocolate chip cookies.

Never on a snowy day will I be able to make my infamous ‘Sizzlin’ Hot Chocolate’ with chunks of melted Swiss chocolate.

Good Choice, Bad Choice Road Sign with blue sky and clouds.

Either stick with the program or get sick.  NO more if’s and or but’s!

weightlossNO more deals I made with myself that I would diet tomorrow, if I cheated today. No . . . nothing . . . just compliance and that’s FINAL! I will check in every once in while with you all and let you know how it is going.

With all my bitching, I do thank God that I had this done.  I’m no longer diabetic.

I no longer am sure that I was going to have a heart attack before I was 60.

I can now live without the fear or dying of being morbidly obese.

Take care and lots of love to you all. I thank God for my friends and fellow bloggers who are my support everyday.

I will be there for you too. I support you and care about my friends.  This video is for you my loves.




Where in the Hell is Emily Guido????

I’m here!

Really I am here!  I am doing okay.

What a FREAKING HELL of a summer in a lot of good and bad ways!!!

First,  I had gastric bypass surgery on July 10th!

Let me tell you it was very weird.  I expected pain, and yes, it was painful.  But the phases I through IV were somewhat uggy – to put a technical term to it.

photo (6)

photo (7)

 Phase I – Clear Liquids

Because my new 4 (FOUR) ounce pouch/stomach was healing and the small intestine is healing from being attached to it.  

I was mostly drugged out of my mind for this wonderful phase. Trying to get the protein drink of 80 grams a day!!!!  That is like the protein equivalent of  14 ounces of steak!

photo (5)Phase II – Liquids only

I was in pain for this because the drugs were slowing down and now was the time to get used to my NEW stomach being all upset and urpy with ANYTHING I put into my mouth besides my Earl Grey Tea – GOD BLESS THE QUEEN!

Still the nagging 80 grams of protein was hanging over my head!!!!  I was like on a mission to find anything I could drink that would be NO SUGAR with PROTEIN and didn’t taste like back-water and sat well on my stomach

photo (4)Phase III – Soups only

I was getting over the pain as it was beginning to lag.  I started eating soup and it was wonderful!!!  I was having an easier time trying to get my dang-blasted 80 GRAMS OF PROTEIN a day!!!  I was still on the search for my answer as my shelves were getting more full and full of PROTEIN DRINKS (UNUSED) which were making me sick after one taste.

My confidence was lagging, and I was starting to get REALLY DEPRESSED that I had this surgery and there was NEVER going to find a PROTEIN DRINK I could survive on!

Emily - 1Phase IV – Soft Foods

This was the time I started to really feel good.  I was eating cheese, oatmeal, shrimp, tuna, and soft cooked veggies and whole assorted soups which had chunks of over-cooked meat.  YIPPEE!!! I was in ‘HOG HEAVEN’ as they say…




photo (9)At one month into my recovery, I rolled over in my sleep and unfortunately my “Kitty” which I have had for 11 years was on the bottom.  He proceeded to bite the HELL out of my tendons in my hand and scratched all the way down my arm. Immediately, like 7 hours later, the bite blew up into a massive infection and attacked my whole arm!!

If I would have waited, I would have been in serious trouble as the red streaks were going up my arm!!!  I didn’t know cat bites were so dangerous.  I have had pets all my life, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, fish… nothing like this has ever happened to me!

I went to the EMERGENCY ROOM in severe pain and distress, the next day I had surgery.

These pictures are after my hand was healing…. still swollen even two weeks afterward!

photo (3)I was in so much pain, I was hoping to have my hand cut off!!!!

I was in the hospital for three days and off work for another two weeks.

photo (2)

The pain was awful!!!!

photo (1)PHASE V – ALL FOODS

So, the beaten and battered was I, I didn’t want to blog.  I just read… and I read a lot!!!

My cudos go to all in the blog atmosphere and my brother and sisters out there that put up with my silence and CHECKED UP with EMAIL and SENT CARDS and little messages on TWITTER….

This is me at about a week ago!  I HAVE LOST 52 POUNDS! I am OFF of DIABETES MEDICINE!!!!

I need to lose 80 more pounds!!!



This is for you and I love you, signature


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